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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brady's Sacrament Meeting Talk May 29, 2011

Brady spoke in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. Here is the talk he gave. 

He was assigned to give a talk on : President Hinckley's talk: The Gift of the Holy Ghost Jan. 2005 New Era
I'm sure we all have a general idea of what the Holy Ghost is. During a time of truth and peace, he will come, and we will feel his presence through that still small voice. However, what is this voice? When I'm listening and participating in a church or gospel lesson, I certainly don't hear someone whispering in my ear. To be honest, if that is really how the Holy Ghost functioned all the time, a lot of people might be creeped out a little bit.

The still small voice, though not always audible, is simply the way which the Holy Ghost communicates with us. Back before we had our bodies, we lived in the primordial plane of existence. This is also where the Holy Ghost lives, and we know this because He does not have a body of flesh and bone, for he would not be able to dwell in us. In the primordial existence, we had our own language, which is a perfect language, in which all souls will recognize, and when the Holy Ghost is present in our lives today, he has the ability to speak peace and truth unto our souls, which is why he is also labeled the first comforter.

We are so lucky to have this gift of the Holy Ghost. However, the church population is so small compared to the rest of the world. We are living in an oasis, being fed by the spirit constantly. From the time that we come down from the primordial existence, out from the presence of God, we are all born with this hunger for the Spirit. You can literally think of everyone else as if they are roaming out in the desert, and here we are, still at our oasis, feeding on the gifts of the Spirit. To not share these gifts with others is selfish. That is why leaders of our church encourage that men go on a mission, and for us to be always looking for a missionary experience, so we can welcome those starving people into a place with the sweetness and joy that can be found in no other way but by the Spirit.

Gordon B Hinckley shared a beautiful story about this, he said:

I remember the story of one of our LDS chaplains, a man of great faith, devotion, and courage. For a year or more he had been in the central highlands of South Vietnam during the war there. …

He was not always a member of this Church. As a boy in the southern U.S. he grew up in a religious home where the Bible was read and where the family attended the little church of the community. He desired the gift of the Holy Ghost of which he had read in the scriptures but was told that it was not available. The desire never left him. He grew to manhood. He served in the U.S. Army. He searched but never found the thing he most wanted. Between military enlistments, he became a prison guard. While sitting in the gun tower of a California prison, he meditated on his own deficiencies and prayed to the Lord that he might receive the Holy Ghost and satisfy the hunger which he felt in his soul. That hunger had not been fully satisfied with sermons to which he had listened.

One day two young men knocked at his door. His wife invited them to return when her husband would be at home. These two young men taught that family by the Holy Spirit and they were baptized. I have heard this man testify to the effect that as he was taught by the power of the Holy Spirit, he was edified and rejoiced with those who taught him. Out of that marvelous beginning, with the gift of the Holy Ghost, came a shedding forth of light and truth that gave peace to the dying, comfort to the bereaved, blessings to the wounded, courage to the timid, and faith to those who had scoffed.
Now when missionaries go out to serve their mission, they are told to preach by the Spirit, for a very good reason. In Moroni 10: 5 it says. And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.

It is interesting how Light and Truth coincide. When we receive more light, we receive more truth. Many people have lived this principle. Jesus is the first example that comes into my mind. He was able to know all things through the light in which he had. The brother of Jared is the second example that comes to my mind as well. He had so much light and faith in him, that when he placed the clear stones before God, and prayed that he would turn them into vessels of light, he was able to see the Finger of God, and because of his light, he was given so much truth that he was able to see not only God, but was able to cross over the vale uninvited. 

Here's also something to think about; if light and truth coincide, then the opposite would be darkness and lies.
Now, I know that by the fruits of our church, it has light, and with that light comes truth. Other churches have light as well, but they only have parts of the truth, and with only a fraction of the truth, comes a fraction of the light. We have the fullness of the gospel, and people will actually recognize that light and truth.

Simply do what is right, let the consequence follow. We can pray to have the Holy Ghost each morning, to help guide us through our day, leading us to ever strive to do what is right. When you do this, President Hinckley said that, "each night, before retiring, you may come before the Lord in prayer without shame or embarrassment or the need to plead for forgiveness. I do not hesitate to say that God will bless you if you will do so."

I know that the Holy Ghost is real, and we have been promised that by and through His power, we may know the truth of all things. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.



Garden of Egan said...

You should be so proud of him.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Brady did a great job!!


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