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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Way-back Wednesday - Sondra's Childhood

I have decided to really focus on Way-back Wednesday. I feel that if I can get family pictures on the internet/my blog then I won't lose them if there is a disaster. I think it is a great way to preserve memorabilia. In a disaster, the one thing that people are heart broken about is losing all the pictures. Instead of trying to hurry and grab all your photos along with a 72 hour kit, I know they are safely preserved on the internet (which I hope will never be destroyed).

Another thing I can do is after I scan in pictures onto my computer I can put them on a flash drive and safely tuck the flash drive in my 72 hour kit. I'm trying to think of ways to capture the important stuff in the event of an emergency like: fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane etc.
Sondra riding her big trike.
 Christine, Sondra, Cindy and Lyle. . . . missing my little brother Richard.
 Another fun picture of my brother and sisters. Back row: Lyle and Cindy. Front row: Christine and Sondra.
 Here is a pictures of Sondra and Richard. Best friends always!
Mom and Dad. Zoey and Grant


Zoey said...

Are they at the ugly sweater party? Just kidding. I love all of these pictures. How fun to see you as children!!!

Patty Ann said...

What a great idea!! It is a wonderful way to remember those who have gone before.


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