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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Way-back Wednesday - Childhood family pictures

My mother always had a flower garden. It was a pretty big lot full of flowers. It is directly behind our family in this picture. Mom (Zoey) and Dad Grant) in back with Dad holding Richard. Front, Lyle, Sondra, Christine, Cindy and Cindy is holding Brownie our dog. I think it is pretty funny to see their blue car in the back ground too.
Another family picture. Dad (Grant) and a missionary in the back.
Christine and Mom(Zoey) in the middle. 
Sondra, Richard Cindy and Lyle. Looks like Lyle really wanted his picture taken with that big lip sticking out. LOL!


Zoey said...

I am really loving these pictures. Please keep sharing!

Rhonda said...

I have never seen either of these and neither has Rich. I may need to copy them.

Patty Ann said...

Totally fun!! nothing like sharing memories with everyone else. Love the garden.

Valerie said...

Love them! And I was so glad to catch up with all your posts. Hope you are having a nice...spring? I guess it's spring. :)


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