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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Primary Song : Follow The Prophet, page 110





My favorite picture - this was a great find in an Ensign magazine. 


(I had to re-do Jonah because most of the pictures were cartoon from a book.)


It looks like I'm missing the last verse. I'll make a new one and add it later.
Now we have a world where people are confused
If you don't believe it, go and watch the news.
We can get direction all along our way.
If we heed the prophets -- follow what they say.

Latter-day Prophets - I only have Joseph Smith completed.

Other Latter-day prophet verses:

Joseph was a prophet
chosen by the Lord.
When he saw the vision,
He listened to the word.
He received the Priesthood,
Restored the gospel plan.
Lost his life for truth's sake,
What a gift for man!

Brigham was a prophet,
Called to lead the way,
to a desert valley
In the latter days.
Brigham was great man
helped the pioneers
build their homes and temples,
overcome their fears.

John Taylor was prophet,
Honest, brave and wise
Stood up for the right way.
Never told no lies.
At the Carthage jail,
a bullet struck his chest.
Hit the watch inside his coat.
Oh how he was blessed!

Wilford was a prophet,
gentle, kind and pure.
Lived through many dangers.
Hardships he endured.
crossed the plains and mountains,
helped the church to grow.
Message from the Lord,
write the manifesto!

Lorenzo was a prophet,
mighty man who cared.
crossed the plains to Utah,
oft' his life was spared.
Had the gift to heal,
also raised the dead.
Pay your tithing to the Lord,
this is  what he said.

Joseph was a prophet,
patient kind and strong.
was the son of Hyrum,
hardship was his song.
Joseph love the Lord,
served in many ways.
helped the church to prosper,
gracious was his days.

Heber was a prophet,
loving, kind and good.
Helped the poor and widows,
gave more than he should.
He was such a great man,
always did his best.
When the task was hard,
always met the test.

George Albert was a prophet,
carried a great name.
Smiths were his descendants,
blessed was his fame.
George Albert was a great man,
lived his creed each day.
Sharing the scouting program,
Showing boys the way!

David was a prophet,
teaching love to all
said to respect your families,
there's no greater call.
gave us great directions,
to teach us F-H-E.
promised us this blessing,
forever families!

Harold was a prophet,
humble, kind and strong.
Had a voice like thunder,
didn't serve to long.
Harold was a good man,
Served with all his might.
Helped the welfare program,
knowing it was right!

Spencer was a prophet,
friend of Lamanites.
Called us to repentance,
taught us what was right.
So he knelt in prayer to
Ask if it was good.
For all worthy men to
Claim the great Priesthood!

Ezra was a prophet,
spoke to man for God.
Listened to his wise words,
hold on to the rod.
Read the Book of Mormon,
Was his great command.
Gets you closer to the Lord,
When you take this stand.

Howard was a prophet,
called when he was old.
From his sturdy wheelchair,
Spoke God's words so bold.
Be more kind and loving,
was his gentle plea.
Get more temple ready,
Live eternally!

Gordon was a prophet,
15th in our day.
He gave us the nine B's
To help us on our way.
He went to every nation,
building temples there.
"Stand a little taller,"
I what He declares!

President Monson is our prophet,
He teaches us to care
For the sick and lonely,
and those who feels despair,
He tells us many stories,
that teach us how to live.
How to follow promptings,
Help others and forgive!


Michelle said...

I didn't know there were verses for the latter=day prophets!! thanks so much! maybe we can learn a few in our primary!

I wish I could clone you and use you in a few positions in our primary ;)

Kristin said...

These are fantastic visual aids. Would you be willing to email them to me? I can't access the docs. my email is Thank you so much!

Cheryl said...

I need these! Can you also email them to me!!! These are so amazing!

Cheryl said...

Oh, and any chance you will be making additional picture aids for the current day prophets?


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