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Friday, April 1, 2011

Primary Music

My favorite calling in the church is Primary chorister. It's been years and year since I've been one. I don't have a great voice or haven't been in any type of choir in my life. But I love Primary songs and singing them. You get to have lots of fun leading the music. The children always sing loudly for me - because I always make it fun.

The reason for this post is that I am in possession of the Primary music flip charts I made about 12 years ago. I used to go to the D.I. and pick up stacks and stacks of used church magazines and find pictures for the music I taught. 

My flip charts have stood the test of time. When I started making my flip charts, the internet was new and I never would have known or imagined we would have access to pictures at the stroke of a few keys. Be able to paste it in a word document - add the lyrics and BAM a flip chart.

 I didn't do this - mine are cut and pasted - but the pictures are beautiful. I am a very visual person. I understand what the song means when I can see a picture. When I understand the song and what it means, my testimony of the gospel content is burned deep within my heart. 

The best way to chase darkness around me is to pull a beloved Primary song into my mind and heart. When I do this, the spirit surrounds me. Primary music is a blessing in my life and it provides me comfort, peace and happiness as I sing praises to my Father in Heaven. 

My music has been with my sister and her daughters in another city for years and years. They told me I couldn't have them back.. I know - - What??? They were mine. 

Finally I had my Mom bring them when she came to visit last week to see Brady's play. It was tough for her to get them away from my Sister - but they are here in my house and I thought it would be fun to share them on my blog. 

Now, you will have Primary music flip charts and Primary lesson showing up from time to time on my blog. 

Can you guess which organization I adore in the Church?? PRIMARY. For me, it is the place that makes me happy - because you get to play and make it fun for the future generation. I enjoy helping the children love the gospel and develop a testimony through the fun I get to have. 

For me, the gospel is joyful! I am like a little child. 


Zoey said...

They were so great we didn't want to let them go. You really did an amazing job on them! Love ya!

Michelle said...

primary chorister is my all-time favorite calling too!! (I'm Primary Pres. right now, but was chorister for 3 years prior).

All my helps/flip charts are at the church in the closet--except for a few that I duplicated & have at home.

I love the primary songs & still use music to teach sharing time. I love your binders! I think that will be one of my projects when my little ones grow a little bigger!

thanks for your inspiration!

Edward Family said...

I jsut found you blog and I love your filp charts. I hope you post more because I will be using them! Thank you!


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