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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Primary 3 Lesson 16

Primary 3
Lesson 16
We Can Show Our Faith by Being Obedient

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Sam said...

Thank you so much for your darling ideas. Im just substituting a class this week so I don't know the class but with your cute ideas I feel more at ease with my lesson.

Glenda said...

I tried to print out the coloring sheet My Favorite Book of Mormon Stories and it comes out on a quarter sheet. Why isn't it full size?

Sondra Murray said...

Glenda, I know that it is sometime frustrating when "Pre-2000" Friends don't have PDFs or the pictures are smaller. What I do is "right click" on the picture and "copy" it. Then I open a "word" document and "paste" it. Then when you click on the picture a box will surround it with little dots on the corner. Hover your mouse over the dot until an arrow with arrows on both ends (not a cross arrow). When you pull on the arrow, it will enlarge the picture in the word document and then you will be able to print out a full sheet picture. OR... you can send me an email with your email address attached and I will email you a word document with the picture. My email is


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