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Friday, April 1, 2011

Primary 3 Lesson 14

Primary 3 
Lesson 14
The Word Of Wisdom

Journal Page

Word of Wisdom Hidden Message from The Friend, June 2005 here: This doesn't have a good print out from You can click on the picture below, save and paste in a Word document or Paint and print. 

For the Word of Wisdom activity - I chose this picture for the Happy Face:
 And this picture for the Sad Face:
 Put them on two different lunch bags:
 Cut out the bad and good food choices and let the children pick one and put in the appropriate bag. I tried to find a variety of items to pick from. 

Good food:

 Bad Items:

I hope this helps you out.


Michelle said...

this is a great lesson--thanks for the resource!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for collecting all those pictures!! It made my lesson prep time so much shorter! You picked pictures that I would have picked!! Thanks!!

Helen Atkin said...

Thanks sooo very much for making my life sooo much easier today! You are ALWAYS spot-on to my way of thinking! Thanks for being you!


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