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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sometimes I get surprised when I run across people who do NOT have any food storage. When you belong to a church which encourages food storage and preparedness, I always assume that my friends and neighbors feel the way I do about food storage. I assume they are prepared and that when a disaster strikes we will pull together and help the needy and be a strong unit. 

Unfortunately, even people of my own faith, my friends and neighbors don't all have food storage or cook with their food storage. 

Why is that? Why do I feel such a strong need to become self reliant when others don't even think about it?

I saw a quote a few months ago and it answered my question. 

Quote from "Faith Precedes the Miracle" by Spencer W. Kimball:

The ancients looked forward to the coming of the Lord and asked, "When shall all these things be?" The pioneers thought it would be soon and watched for signs; our grandparents watched for the sprouting of the fig tree; our parents watched for the reddening of the sky; and we ourselves have heard all our lives that the Second Coming is near. 

Do we lose faith, do we lose patience, do we lose hope, do we get weary in waiting, because the day is long and the event delayed?

I suspect that many people who five years ago had a rich larder, a full pantry, and a year's supply of basic necessities have let their stock dwindle. I suspect that many people have let their insurance lapse. Death seems in the future, for at the moment calamity is absent and hunger is not knocking at the door.

It is difficult to be prepared for an event so long delayed. Many have found it too difficult and they slumber without due preparation. But the day approaches and will finally come. That is sure. It is only the "when" that is unknown.

I don't know why I have always had a desire to have food storage, plant a garden and be prepared. It may be  because I am a single mom and sooooo much pressure rests on my shoulders. I want to be able to provide for my children and there isn't anyone whom I can lean on. It is my responsibility to provide. I have worked hard to do it and always have cupboards full of food. 

I was raised with food storage. We have never been rich, but we always had the things we needed and food in our belly.

I've never been in a disaster situation. I've always had a job and so did my parents. But I still prepare, rotate, learn how to take care of myself, how to cook without power, gather food storage recipes ... so many things to learn and prepare.

The other day I found out a friend's husband lost his job. I said, thank goodness for food storage! Now, you just need to be frugal and it will all work out. She looked at me with deer in the headlight eyes. They aren't prepared. She doesn't make bread. Both her and her husband have very high profile and good paying jobs and education. I don't believe they have worried that they would ever be in this situation. 

All of a sudden I see emails from our Relief Society about purchasing wheat in bulk and who needs it. Everyone is in a panic. I am surprised! Aren't we already prepared? Don't you already have your house full of wheat and food storage. I just can't believe how many people are unprepared for the rise in food prices and gas prices .... and possible food shortages.

How can that be??

It's time to prepare. Start purchasing food storage, gathering recipes and learning how to provide for yourselves. Plant a garden. Can what you produce. It's time to start living the teachings of provident living. 


Zoey said...

Funny you mention this post today.

At work, every one was talking about food storage ... and one of the ladies thought that it was all crazy. The owner said, "Don't you remember Louisiana and Hurricane Katrina?" They went on to discuss how long it took to get help and how people died. Being prepared is something that everyone needs. Hopefully they will listen to the Prophet's counsel more carefully and figure out how to apply it in their lives.

Thanks for this wonderful, wonderful post!!!

P.S. We are getting chickens!!!

Michelle said...

I agree with you! it surprises me also how many friends and family members do NOT have food storage.

we raise a garden & rotate/use our food storage.

and we (thanks to the kids & 4-H) are raising pigs & plan to each year.

thanks for your testimony of food storage.

Ann Marie said...

I try not to judge.. but this is an area that drives me crazy too. I have actually had some friends say.. " My parents won't let me starve..they'll save me " Or.. the Bishop will probably take everyones stuff and distribute it out anyways to everyone in the area... so why worry?

My philospophy..... I have had to rely on ours 3 times recently due to job losses in the past 4 years and it has not only saved me.. but we have had GOOD stuff to eat. -- Not just wheat and etc... My kids didn't even notice a difference with the employment loss.. except for eating out.

I have heard SO Many times some friends that say " We can't afford it." -- But yet they can afford a cruise in the summer.

I have spoke at quite a few stakes recently on how to get started.. and most people are amazed that it's so simple. They think they need $200 to start..or feel very overwhelmed.. but I just tell them.. do what you can afford. If you can buy 1 extra item that week.. you have storage.

I buy something for food storage EVERY time I shop.

I am not a couponer.. but I shop the sales. So when Ketchup goes on sale for 99 cents.. I buy 20. ( we use a lot of ketchup.)
The next week.. I do another sale item.

By now.. I have a little store in my basement and it's awesome!
Something great came from something small.

Anyone can do it.
( stepping off my soapbox. )

Patty Ann said...

Yep, I agree completely. We have our food storage, and we are using it now. It has gotten us through tough times before and it will do so again. I try and buy in bulk and only on sale. We rotate our storage and can ourselves. We actually like doing it and it is fun to share it with our family.

Cherie said...

One of my friends told me that her food storage was at her in-laws house.
She lives here and they live in Utah - Hhhmmmmm

I think not everyone can be as organized or on top of it as you are Sondra but as long as people are trying then that is a good thing. If it is ignored then it is like ignoring a commandment!

Cherie said...

And yes, I think, that part of food storage is having enough to share with others. It is very likely (looking at Ann's comment) that if a disaster does happen that those who have will be asked to share with those who have not - and we will not say "no" or be resentful.

It's kind of like the ant and the grasshopper and doesn't seem fair but it is the way it will be!

Cherie said...

Oh and one more thing:

Hoppy Easter!!!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

We try to have food storage, but I really don't know if I'm "prepared" -- would you be interested in doing a 1x/week series on it or something? I would love to learn from your wisdom.

Also, on my blog I have a 40x40 goal -- 40 things to do before I turn 40 next year. Several of those things are related to preparedness that I'm just *terrified* to do (for example, making bread w/no machine or sewing).

Thx for the push!


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