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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Movie Review: Midway to Heaven

While I was Deseret Book last week, the cashier talked me into purchasing the new release of "Midway to Heaven". 

I asked him if it was good and he assured me it was. He told me the director was the same one who produced The Best Two Years (which I adore) and it was kind of sad like Charly (which I also loved). 

Here is a synopsis of the show:
A father still morning the recent death of his wife struggles to get back on his feet and accept his daughter's know-it-all boyfriend in this romantic comedy drama adapted from the novel by Dean Hughes.

My review:
10 thumbs down - well OK 2 thumbs down. 
I didn't like it. 

First of all when I purchase an LDS movie, I want to have some type of inspiring gospel message or loads of humor.

This had none of humor or gospel message.

Brady and I kept looking at each other  - Like - REALLY????? We are watching this dumb show. 

I had hopes that it would get better - because the guy at Deseret book told me it was good. 

Well.... it didn't. Nether of us liked it. I guess it's off to Amazon to try and sell this movie with the hopes someone will buy it. If not, it's being donated to the D.I. 

My recommendation to you: Don't waste your time by watching it AND don't waste your money by purchasing it. 

It saddens me to leave such a cruel review - but I have got to stop buying movies before I watch them. I am just kicking myself. I wish someone else would have blogged a review so I would have known better - that is why I felt I needed to let you know not to purchase it. 


Patty Ann said...

I wondered if it were any good, I think I am glad that I did not buy it. Thanks for the review.

Zoey said...

I guess you won't be trusting that guy's opinion ever again. He probably never even watched it. I am sorry! I haven't seen it, but I won't waste my time!

Valerie said...

Those darn cashiers! :) least now we know! I had looked at this movie too~ but I'll be passing it up. Thanks for the honest review.

Ann Marie said...

I wonder what movies were BAD to the cashier? haha!

Thanks for review.. as it will save US wasting 2 hours!


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