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Friday, April 15, 2011

Milk Delivery Reality Check

Last week I wrote a blog about a new service I was using. I was extremely optimistic about having my groceries delivered. Getting healthy and eating organic food. I thought I wouldn't have to go to the grocery store for 3 months. You can read the original blog here. 

The first delivery I received was fun and exciting. We had lots of new vegetables and fruits that we have never tried before. It was an adventure and we were excited.

We love the Organic Milk and will continue to purchase Organic Milk from our delivery service or the store, either will work for me. The reason I am going to Organic Milk is because I read this article here and decided that is the way I want to go. That article is the reason I started getting deliveries from The Boise Milk Delivery Service. I haven't made up my mind about quitting the milk delivery yet.

But I sure had a reality check with the fruits and vegetables delivered. The fruits and vegetables were not the same quality I pick out when I shop for myself.

I excitedly cooked the Artichoke after researching it and talking to a few friends about it. I dove in and cooked them. Dinner time - everything set up with melted butter, mayonnaise and cooked Artichoke. First leaf - no meat to drag off the leaf with my teeth ..... and then the next one...... and next one and next one, still no meat on the leaf. The Artichoke was not mature enough to have any good stuff. I'd eat a little at the very tip of the leaf - but not much. The center (after getting the fuzzy stuff off) was yummy. I could have really enjoyed the Artichoke if it had been a better picked vegetable that was ready to be harvested. I felt it was a total waste of money.

I didn't like the Brussels Sprouts again this time... another waste of money.

By the time I got around to steaming the fresh beans - they had tons of brown spots on them and ended up in the garbage. Another waste of money.

I struggle getting out of my comfort zone. But, it was an exciting week to try new things. Although, Brady didn't like it very much.

The fruit -- bananas were bruised and small. They weren't green (as I normally purchase them) and didn't last the week before they needed to be made into banana bread. The oranges weren't as sweet either which could have been weather related, but I've never had this problem purchasing them from the store. sigh!

Milk Delivery two:

I scheduled another delivery this past week. I figured out you could see what fruits and vegetables were going to be delivered and I thought it looked great -- so I scheduled it.

THEN after the schedule was complete and couldn't be canceled, they changed the selection. WHAT??? I wasn't too happy about the new selection. Pineapple will be fine... 2nd in line -- do you know what that is?
3rd is a grapefruit, and 4th a blood orange - hmmmmmmm
 I had to look this up. It's an UGLI fruit. It is the cross between a grapefruit and a clementine. Oh, Joy!
I did NOT get any bananas and we can't live without banana's. 

I was also out of baby carrots and we can't live without them either. 

We HAVE to have Bananas and Baby Carrots because Brady needs them in his lunch everyday. 
This is the lunch Brady has every day. Banana, baby carrots, Gusher, Granola bar, Peanut butter and Jam sandwich, Gram crackers and a cookie (If I have some made - but he usually prefers not to have them in his lunch *shaking head).

When we don't have bananas I will send an orange or apple sauce, but he prefers bananas. We missed several days with carrots. He wouldn't take celery or cauliflower even though we had some in the fridge. He wanted carrots. (I always stock up on Gushers and Granola bars during the sales/coupons). 

Brady has his routine and doesn't like to have changes. Yes, I am probably feeding into an OCD problem. 

Anyway ... I broke down and went to the store yesterday to get bananas and carrots. I decided not to get pre-selected fruits and vegetables anymore and just purchase them myself. 

It's been somewhat a reality check for me. Letting go of control of what I receive for my money. I'm to controlling - LOL! It was a fun 2 weeks, but there is NO WAY I can do it for 3 months.

Good news is that we have saved enough money to purchase a car for Brady. We've been looking at a couple, but haven't found the best one yet. I will continue being as frugal in my purchases as possible to continue working on our debt freedom and rotating food storage.  


Patty Ann said...

I haven't heard of that one before. I do Bountiful Baskets here and I love them. 15 dollars for a basket of fruits and veges is a wonderful gift for me. I don't have any control, but so far, there are always things that we like and would have costs so much more in the store. Sorry that your experience wasn't as good as mine has been.

Rhonda said...

Sorry th delivery service wasn't what you wanted it to be. So why does Brady need a car when he doesn't have a license ;0) Good luck with car shopping not a fun task.

Zoey said...

This is one of the reasons that we don't do bountiful baskets. You never know what you are going to get, and we end up going for the bananas, carrots, etc. that we have to have. Good experience though!!!

Ann Marie said...

I AGREE 100%!!!

I also tried this.. and unless you are a family that can eat/try anything.. then it's a waste.

I am VERY sad that your first Artichoke wasn't good. I hope the next one you try is GOOD as some of them are not...

I too.. prefer to select my own produce.. as I also buy green bananas.. and pick through things...

I am grateful that some people benefit from these programs.. but just like couponing... it's just not for me! I have found other ways to be thrifty...

Valerie said...

Too bad it didn't work for you. I think it would be difficult to make a menu of meals around food someone else chose for you. It isn't something I would try, but I know some people like it.

Garden of Egan said...

I did this with our Bountiful Baskets in this area a few times. I was disappointed as well. Most of the stuff wasn't ripe or the one time I got strawberries they were moldy.
Nah, I just as soon pick my own.

Good review.

Congrats on the car. You are so inspiring to see your continued work towards independence.

Garden of Egan said...

Another comment..........sorry to be a comment hog, but I just wandered around your blog some more and was looking at your storage organization. I had never heard of the can organizers! What a great idea. My hubby got so tired of all of our food storage mess that he bought the shelf reliance shelves. OUCH!
I am going to check out the site.

I need to remember to come over here before I do something, you always have such fabulous ideas!

Where do you get your PETE containers. I bought several a few years ago, but it was in conjunction with a neighborhood food storage group. They bought several pallets. I would like to be able to buy a few at a time like you.

Rachel Brown said...

Hi! Have you considered using brown box organics? Free home delivery on milk that is really natural and not in the chemical releasing plastic bottles. Really grat selection of produce and you can pick and choose if you like. :)


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