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Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Kate's Royal Wedding

I thought I would record the Royal Wedding, April 29, 2011.
William and Kate Wales
Kate's wedding dress
The wedding vows
 Exchanging rings
 The Married Couple

 The Kiss
Meeting the millions of guests.

I love technology! I love that I could get up this morning and see the wedding on the computer. 

It was nice not having to get up in the middle of the night to watch the wedding like we did for Charles and Diana.

I wish them a beautiful marriage that lasts forever. I hope they become the beloved couple that we love like we loved Diana. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Primary 3 Lesson 16

Primary 3
Lesson 16
We Can Show Our Faith by Being Obedient

Journal Page

Forget toilet paper - Seattle house was Peeped

I had to repost this news story. It is a hoot!

 SEATTLE - Call it the attack of the peeps. A group of friends descended on a home in the Wedgwod/Maple leaf area under the cover of darkness Friday to cover another friend's lawn with hundreds of Easter Peeps. 

 The Peeps - nearly 900 of them - were put on skewers and stuck in the lawn "like festive marshmallow lawn darts," co-conspirator, Sarah Greene, said.

 Greene said last year and in 2009, she was on the receiving end of the peep attack when she lived in the Blue Ridge neighborhood.

 "Now we're in on the joke and bestowing Peep cheer on other unsuspecting friends and family," she said.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Way-back Wednesday - Childhood family pictures

My mother always had a flower garden. It was a pretty big lot full of flowers. It is directly behind our family in this picture. Mom (Zoey) and Dad Grant) in back with Dad holding Richard. Front, Lyle, Sondra, Christine, Cindy and Cindy is holding Brownie our dog. I think it is pretty funny to see their blue car in the back ground too.
Another family picture. Dad (Grant) and a missionary in the back.
Christine and Mom(Zoey) in the middle. 
Sondra, Richard Cindy and Lyle. Looks like Lyle really wanted his picture taken with that big lip sticking out. LOL!

An Invitation to Prom

 Saturday there was a knock on the front door of our house. When I answered it, there was a little boy with an Easter basket for Brady. Brady wasn't home, he was at a party. I told him I would give it to him. Then I asked for the little boys name and he walked off and ignored me.  I thought it was very strange.

I had to wait until Brady came home so we could find out what mystery the basket contained. 
 Yeah! Brady is home. There is the sweet Easter basket.
 There were 4 blown out, colored Easter Eggs on the top. Brady, will you go......
 Take out the grass to find 4 more eggs. 
 To Prom with me......
Pull out more grass to see who it was from. Krystal. 

It was a surprise to be asked to the Prom by a girl. Krystal isn't a good friend to Brady, so it was kind of random that she asked him. He knew she was LDS and a good girl. He wondered if she liked him. It was shocking to him and to me that a girl would ask him - it should be the other way around - boy ask girl to Prom - right?

It was a very cute way to ask him.

However, Brady had to decline the invitation. We already have plans for May 14th.

We have tickets to WICKED!!!
The tickets were purchased last year, before we knew when Prom was scheduled. 

It was a hard thing to do, to decline an invitation to a dance. He felt really bad about hurting her. On the other hand, I think it was a good experience for him to be on the receiving end of having to tell someone No. 

This is all pretty new territory for me. Girls asking boys? I guess I'm a little old fashioned. I still want a boy to ask me out ..... not the other way around. Times have changed!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter 2011

We had a very nice Easter Holiday. Jason and Sharon came to dinner with Brady and me. We had Ham, Crock-pot cheese potatoes, Asparagus, salad, rolls, strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, deviled eggs - everything was yummy!

This is the first year since becoming a mother, that the Easter Bunny did NOT hide Easter eggs. I think Sharon was disappointed - Brady and Jason didn't care. It's kind of shocking to change the way we do Easter now that we are all adults and don't have any children in the family. 
We did get lots of yummies in Easter Baskets. 3 large bunnies for the kids - I didn't need one. 

After dinner we played games. Brady blew bubbles. I'm sad that you can't see the bubbles to easily. Can you spy them?
Can you see a few shiny bubbles? Brady is putting the wand back in the mini bubbles to blow more. These are the same bubbles that we gave Brady's Seminary class for his devotional. They were lots of fun!
Can you spy any bubbles here?
Or here? Our cards got sticky with bubble juice. I'll probably have to buy more.
Trying to get a picture of Jason and Sharon. Can you tell I have a tough time getting one? 
Jason and Sharon - FINALLY posing for a picture. I love them both so much! We had a great time playing Phase 10. Jason WON!!
Brady went to a party Saturday night with his friends, so I ended up decorating 3 dozen hard boiled eggs by myself. I didn't do anything special in the Easter Egg decorations, just plain colored eggs. 

Here are the Easter decorations in our home this year. 
My window above the kitchen sink. 
Our Easter Village.
Coffee table decorations. 
On the piano.
Piano music cabinet. 
Behind the bathroom sink. The big bunny in the back - was my new purchase this year. He is really cute. 
On top of the Microwave in the kitchen. 
Kitchen table. See the cute napkin rings? Right now the napkins are in the washer, because we used them for Easter dinner. 
Cabinet on the kitchen wall. 
Stove in the kitchen. 

I have too many decorations! But it is sure fun!

This year I did NOT put the Easter Eggs on all my bushes in the front yard. First year in 12 years. When Jason and Sharon drove up - Sharon was shocked and sad I didn't have an Easter house. She is the only one who noticed. Brady nor Jason even notices all my crazy decorating. Maybe next year I'll get back to the swing of things. I just didn't have it in me this year. I wonder if my neighbors were shocked. 

Over all it was a wonderful holiday. The one weird thing was we had Stake Conference broadcast from Salt Lake City for our Easter service. It was nice, but I missed having our regular Easter Program for Easter Sunday. The other thing that is odd is our Stake has had 2 Stake conference sessions in 4 months. Our first conference was in January and then on Easter Sunday in April. I guess we are done for the year - but isn't that strange? 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Motivational Monday - " Help Them on Their Way Home"

I loved this entire talk. They other day while I was watching BYU channel, they re-broadcast this talk and I remembered that I loved it. I've edited the talk - but highly recommend reading the whole talk at the link below. 

We help God's children best by providing ways to build faith in Jesus Christ and His restored gospel when they are young. 
Brothers and sisters, our Heavenly Father wants and needs our help to bring His spirit children home to Him again. I speak today of young people already within His true Church and so are started on the strait and narrow way to return to their heavenly home. He wants them to gain early the spiritual strength to stay on the path. And He needs our help to get them back to the path quickly should they begin to wander.

I was a young bishop when I began to see clearly why the Lord wants us to strengthen children when they are young and rescue them quickly.

Heavenly Father has assigned us to a great variety of stations to strengthen and, when needed, to lead travelers to safety. Our most important and powerful assignments are in the family. They are important because the family has the opportunity at the start of a child’s life to put feet firmly on the path home. Parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles are made more powerful guides and rescuers by the bonds of love that are the very nature of a family.

The family has an advantage in the first eight years of a child’s life. In those protected years, because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, Satan’s use of the mists of darkness to hide the path to return home is blocked. In those precious years the Lord helps families by calling Primary workers to help strengthen children spiritually. He also provides holders of the Aaronic Priesthood to offer the sacrament. In those sacramental prayers, the children hear the promise that they may someday receive the Holy Ghost as a guide if they are obedient to God’s commandments. As a result, they are fortified to resist temptation when it comes and then, sometime in the future, to go to the rescue of others.

Many bishops in the Church are inspired to call the strongest people in the ward to serve individual children in the Primary. They realize that if the children are strengthened with faith and testimony, they will be less likely to need rescue as teenagers. They realize that a strong spiritual foundation can make the difference for a lifetime.
The Lord has placed a pattern of rescue and rescuers in His kingdom. In His wisdom the Lord has inspired His servants to place some of the most powerful ways to strengthen us and to put in place the best rescuers as we pass through the teenage years.

You know of two powerful programs provided by the Lord. One, for young women, is called Personal Progress. The other, for Aaronic Priesthood holders, is called Duty to God. We encourage young people in the rising generation to see their own potential to build great spiritual strength. And we plead with those who care about those young people to rise to what the Lord requires of us to help them. And since the future of the Church depends upon them, all of us care.

Of all the help we can give these young people, the greatest will be to let them feel our confidence that they are on the path home to God and that they can make it. And we do that best by going with them. Because the path is steep and sometimes rocky, they will at times feel discouraged and even stumble. They may at times become confused about their destination and wander after less eternally important goals. These inspired programs make that less likely because they will lead the young person to invite and receive the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

The best counsel for us to give young people is that they can arrive back to Heavenly Father only as they are guided and corrected by the Spirit of God. So if we are wise, we will encourage, praise, and exemplify everything which invites the companionship of the Holy Ghost. When they share with us what they are doing and feeling, we must ourselves have qualified for the Spirit. Then they will feel in our praise and our smiles the approval of God. And should we feel the need to give corrective counsel, they will feel our love and the love of God in it, not rebuke and rejection, which can permit Satan to lead them further away.

The example they most need from us is to do what they must do. We need to pray for the gifts of the Spirit. We need to ponder in the scriptures and in the words of living prophets. We need to make plans which are not only wishes but covenants. And then we need to keep our promises to the Lord. And we need to lift others by sharing with them the blessings of the Atonement which have come in our lives.

And we need to exemplify in our own lives the steady and prolonged faithfulness that the Lord expects of them. As we do, we will help them feel from the Spirit an assurance that if they will persist, they will hear the words from a loving Savior and Heavenly Father: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”

 And we who help them along the way will hear those words with joy.


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