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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pictures Scriptures

*** Just a note regarding ordering Picture Scriptures from the attached website, I don't have any affiliation with them and can't help you if they don't respond to their email. Sorry!

May 13, 2017: I have been informed that they are back up and taking orders here: 

To order a book please send the following information in an email to Tamee

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3- the email (if different) to which the books should be sent.

Here is the original post about what our Primary did with Picture Scriptures.

A few weeks ago I shared an idea our Primary was doing to help the children love and know the scriptures here. 

After I wrote the blog, it was featured on Sugardoodle's facebook page. I was very honored by the interest in my blog and that she linked my blog. There was a lot of interest in getting more information on doing this with your own children. That put me on a week long journey to find out who in our Primary created these great pictures. 
What I found out was that there was a book called Picture Scriptures created to help children draw pictures in their scriptures to understand and know the scriptures.

2011 Primary theme is "I know the Scriptures are True". Our Primary Presidency would like the children to: "Know the Scriptures" and they have incorporated reading a few scriptures, talking about it and drawing a simple picture in their scriptures to embed the concept in their minds. 

I have enjoyed this part of our Primary each week. I feel it is VERY important for us to teach the scriptures to our children. I am very careful to incorporate and read from the scriptures during my lessons too. I want the children to hear the pure doctrine and get used to the language of the scriptures. I want them to LOVE the scriptures and I know we get "Power from the Scriptures" when we read them. 

During my research and journey on Pictures in your scriptures, I found out it came from this book:
I also found this great article about them written in 1981. 

Kids color, learn scriptures

Four-year old Jason Roberts can beat his ward gospel doctrine teacher in a scripture chase over many key Book of Mormon scriptures - and he isn't even the fastest chaser in his family!

It didn't take long into Bliss D. Roberts' career as a seminary teacher to discover that few LDS young people are able to find their way around the scriptures easily. This, he felt, needed to be corrected -- in the classroom and in the home.

He began developing what he calls "sill association" to help students remember key scriptures. For example, a key baptism scripture is remembered by students thinking, "Baptism -- Jesus was baptized by John, a person has to be eight to be baptized, three plus five equals eight, baptism John 3:5"

He has developed about 60 such associations for seminary students. But the system didn't seem to be very practical for the home, where word and number associations meant little to pre-schoolers.

One day his wife, Mary Ann, was trying to make the scriptural point with the children, so she drew a picture of a crown on top of the Book of Mormon account of King Zedekiah. Then she brought the crayons out and asked the children to color in the picture. It was a hit.

"For days afterwards the kids were dragging that scripture up to me and turning right to the picture of the crown and telling me the story of King Zedekiah," Brother Roberts said, "It struck me that perhaps we had stumbled upon something."

For two years now, the Roberts family, including Tammee, 7, Kristy, 6, Jason 4, David, 2 and Kimberly nine months, have colored in pictures drawn by their parents on key Book of Mormon scriptures. The scriptures are read, explained and colored during daily scripture study sessions, and reviewed each week at Family Home Evening. During this time, the parents have noticed a change in their children - - or, at least, a change in the way they reason things out and related them to what they have read of the scriptures. 
"One day I asked Jason who he wanted to be like when he grew up. I guess I wanted him to tell me that he wanted to be like me," Brother Roberts said. "But he looked up at me and said, "I want to be like Ammon". When I asked him why, he said "Because he protected the king's sheep like he was supposed to, and he was a good missionary."

"You see," said the proud father, "we have a foundation from which to teach our children to love the Lord and Live the gospel. They know and love the scriptures."


Another blog I featured about "treating scriptures like our cell phone" which I loved this concept. A testimony of the scriptures is very important and a great responsibility to teach that love and devotion to our children. This "Picture Scripture" book is a wonderful tool and I hope you will start this in your own homes. 

They have hard copies and e-books available and a sale this month. 


Jeanette said...

Thank you so much for all your time and effort to find out this information!! I am so excited the book!!

Patty Ann said...

I have a couple of their books that are very old. My older kids are all grown now, and they remember doing this during our scripture study. It is a wonderful memory maker.

Garden of Egan said...

That is an awesome concept. I'm off to check it out.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I love it too! My little boys LOVE looking at the scriptures and showing me where the pictures are and telling me about them! I love it!!

Suzanne Hanks said...

Thank you soo much for the link to the Picture Scriptures...they are soo hard to find!!

Mama Moose said...

Do you still have an email for this author? I would love to buy a copy of these.

Sondra Murray said...

Mama Moose, send me an email to and I'll give you the email address that I used in 2011 to get in contact with them. I don't know if it will still work, but I do have it. Thanks, Sondra

Mama Moose said...

Thank you for posting an update to this. I have periodically checked back on all the websites that mentioned these books and am so glad you posted an e-mail. I will try e-mailing her now. Thanks again!

Mama Moose said...

They have set up a new site for ordering if you have any others interested.

Sondra Murray said...

Thanks Mama Moose, I have updated this blog post with the correct ordering information. Thanks for passing it along!!!!!

Tamee Roberts Burkholder said...

Hi everyone. This is Tamee Roberts Burkholder, oldest daughter of Bliss and MaryAnn Roberts. They have authorized me to sell the digital
Books and as mentioned above you can learn more about it at
Its validating to read these comments!


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