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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Kind of Lesson Materials?

Several years ago while I was in the Primary Presidency, we stressed to our teacher to use ONLY Church-approved materials in all the teaching in our ward.

We encouraged everyone to prepare for their class spiritually, as well as materially. For more information on both types of preparation, see Teaching, No Greater Call. We know that as you follow the principles in this book, the Holy Ghost will be with each of you as you teach the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (I think this wonderful book and is under used - Use it! lots of great ideas).

What does that mean? Here are the guidelines we came up with. 



Teaching Manual and Picture Packet

Gospel Art Kit (you can preview the pictures at and then get them from the Meetinghouse Library)

Children's Songbook

The Friend, New Era, or Ensign magazines

The Family Home Evening Resource Guide

Anything that the Meetinghouse Library has available, and anything that is reference in the Sacrament Meeting/Sharing Time Outline

For additional supplemental activities (coloring pages, finger puppets, etc.) especially for younger children, you may use the "Behold Your Little Ones" (new nursery manual). You can go to to access it. 

Teacher help books from Deseret Book. These are great for teaching in the home, but are not Church-approved for use in Sunday lessons.

Coloring pages, etc. from other sources (Not published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

You will notice that I try to use activities and coloring pages only from The Friend and the Nursery Manual. While there are great ideas on several sites for activities, please make sure it is Church approved before using them in a Primary Class. 

I also use the Scriptures a lot. I like to have the children see me reading from the scriptures. I want them to get used to hearing the language from the scriptures. From personal experience, I know that a true testimony only comes from the scriptures, prayer and the Holy Ghost. I am only an instrument for Heavenly Father's use, as a teacher. 

Spiritually prepare for your lesson through prayer. Bear your testimony after you teach the lesson. 

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Debbie said...

Great advice. Thank you!


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