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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reverence Idea for Primary Class

 Warm Fuzzies!

That is how I maintain reverence in my classroom.

I have a large jar for the Primary children and a small jar for me.

At the beginning of each class, each child can earn 3 warm fuzzies.

1 - if they brought their journal

2- if they brought their scriptures

3 - if they wrote in their journal

As I proceed with the lesson I will add more warm fuzzies if they are reverent and listening.

If they don't follow the class rules, they lose warm fuzzies out of their jar into mine. I also do this in sharing time. It's much easier to put my hand in the jar and see reverence return then scold them.

When the jar is full, we have a class party. If my jar is full then there won't be a class party. After we have a class party, the jar is emptied again and we start over. 

The rules in our class are:

1 - if you want to talk, you must raise your hand. 

2 - We are ladies and gentlemen and must sit in our chairs like one. We are not animals.

3 - Stay in your own bubble. Do not touch others outside your bubble. 

This year my class is unique with 2 children who's parents have recently been baptized. They are new to the gospel at 7 years old. 

This means they don't understand simple concepts, like Heavenly Father has a body and is the Father of our spirits.  Jesus Christ is our older brother, has a body and is Heavenly Fathers son of his spirit and his body. The Holy Ghost is spirit who can dwell within us and help us choose the right. 

They don't know the songs.

They don't understand that they need to sit and listen to the lesson. It is a huge learning curve for them to understand what is going on. It is my hope that I will make enough of an impact on them to help the learn the gospel and prepare for their own baptism and be ready to move into the young women and young men's program with a big enough testimony of the gospel that they will remain strong. 

I love primary. For me it is serious business and a huge responsibility. I wish every teacher would take responsibility for their class. Be a good teacher. Love each child. Visit and seek out those who do not come. Don't rely on the Primary Presidency to do your stewardship. You are the Primary President over your own class and your children. You are in a position to teach the gospel and help them develop their testimony, love church and prepare to be a teenager. 

Do your best!

Make it fun!

Change their lives.



deerie65775 said...

Fun idea!! I like warm fuzzies!! When I taught 2nd grade, my class earned tickets,then throughout the week and especially on Fridays I drew names from the jar for different treats..
Your fuzzies are more colorful!

Ann Marie said...

Such a good idea!
Your always full of good ideas!

Valerie said...

Great idea!
My kids this year are all super quiet! It's kind of unusual! :)

Michelle said...

fun idea! we have one class that is struggling, so I am going to suggest your fuzzy jar idea & class rules.

thank you so much for sharing! I would l♥ve to have you in our primary!!! (your ward is so blessed!)

Pam said...

Would you mind if I put a link to your blog on my blog? I love your ideas. My blog is Thanks! Pam

Garden of Egan said...

That's a cute idea!
What a great opportunity to be able to teach kids that haven't been raised in the Gospel.
You will affect them in immeasurable ways!

Zoey said...

Sondra, I couldn't have said it better myself. I have used your class rules before and they work wonders for the middle aged children. I wish that all kids had a primary teacher that loved them like you do!!!

Sondra said...

Pam, I would be honored if you added my blog link to your site "Strong Armor". Thanks, Sondra

La Couponista said...

thank you I really needed this:)


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