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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Primary 3 lesson 6

Primary 3 Manual
Lesson 6
Jesus Christ's Church Has Been Restored

Journal page.

The scriptures on each side of the church tell about one aspect of the Restoration of the Church. Read each scripture and match the event in the scripture to one of the pictures. Then glue each picture to the appropriate side of the church. 

Scenes (In order starting with the left thumb and ending with the right thumb.)
Left thumb: Joseph Smith—History 1:11–12 [JS—H 1:11–12]
Left index finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:13–15 [JS—H 1:13–15]
Left middle finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:16–20 [JS—H 1:16–20]
Left ring finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:29–35, 42 [JS—H 1:29–35, 42]
Left little finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:51–54, 59–60 [JS—H 1:51–54, 59–60]
Right little finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:66–67 [JS—H 1:66–67]
Right ring finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:68–72 [JS—H 1:68–72]
Right middle finger: D&C 27:12–13; Explanatory Introduction
Right index finger: D&C 20:1
Right thumb: D&C 138:47–48

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