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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Primary 3 lesson 2

Primary 3 Manual
Lesson 2
Heavenly Father Trusts Us to follow His Plan

Journal Pages

I also gave each child a crown from Zurchers. 12 for $2.95
As I placed the crown on each child's head, I took their face in my hands and looked into their eyes. I told them "You are a "Prince" or "Princess", a child of royal birth. This is after I read this poem:

"I am a child of royal birth,
My Father is King of heaven and earth.
My spirit was born in the courts on high,
A child beloved, a princess (or prince) am I."

I wanted them to each feel like a royal child of the king, Heavenly Father. 

Instructions on the box: Cut around the solid black line. Fold on the dotted lines to make a box. Glue the end flaps. Fold the top end flap to close the box, but don’t glue it shut. Draw or glue a picture of yourself inside the blank frame. Read the scripture reference on each side of the box.
Cut out the scripture reference strips, and place them in the box. Each day choose a reference, and mark it in your scriptures. The scriptures will remind you who you are. Share the box during family home evening.
A side note: I didn't make each child a "badge" from the manual. They are too old for that, I chose to give them a crown instead. 


Zoey said...

Wow! You put so much into everything you do. We must be related!!! I think that the kids must be devastated when they have to miss your class! Love you!

Valerie said...

Thanks for all your inspiration! I just got called as a primary teacher in my new ward and hope I will be just a little bit of how great you are at it.

Karen @ THEBUSYBUG said...

Thank you for all you do to help us with our Primary lessons!! You ROCK

Shepherd Family ACALPM said...

For this lesson to make crowns I just used construction paper and cut it in half jaggedly and then taped them together...They can pick their favorite color...
Thanks for all the great help! Love it!

minnmiss said...

typo on page with gold crowns - poem should read "King" not Kind.

Love your helps. It would be difficult for me to come up with my own ideas.
Thanks. Gerry

Sondra Murray said...

Gerry, Thanks for letting me know there was a typo. I always appreciate feedback. Thanks for visiting my site!


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