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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Review: Shadows of Brierley by Anita Stansfield

With a few of his remaining coins, Ian purchases a copy of the book from which he hears a "preacher" quoting, an act that somehow gives this troubled prodigal the courage to leave the dark alleyways London and begin the long journey home-home to his beloved Brierley and to the woman whose heart he hopes to win.

 Little does he realize the impact this book will have on him and his family as they struggle with the grim consequences of unrestrained compulsions and passions, and the seemingly insurmountable challenges of mental illness. 

As the threads that hold the tapestry of the MacBrier family together threaten to unravel, Ian realizes that . . . The Book of Mormon had been destined to come into his hands, and he was destined to follow where it led him. In The Wanderer, set in the lush highlands of nineteenth century Scotland

I am an avid Anita Stansfield reader. This is her new book and saga. It was a pretty good beginning to the series. The mental illness is a hard part of the story and I wonder how they will handle it going forward. There was quite a bit of tragedy in the book, but good too.

I can't wait until the next book comes out, their conversion to the gospel and travel to America (or the other way around). It is a making of a great saga. 

Thumbs up - but it might be because I am an Anita Stansfield fan. 

***Update: I actually read the next book to this series and hate it. I wouldn't start this series unless you like tragedy and no connection to the characters. I feel like Anita Stansfield has lost her story telling ability. I don't have the same involvement in the story as I used to. I don't think I'm an Anita Stansfield fan anymore in her new books. It's just not the same as the way she used to write when you felt part of the characters and story line. Plus, I'm not much into reading about tragedies with no happily ever after. Hated the series and didn't even start to read book 3. Don't read ***


Cherie said...

I saw this book in the bookstore the other day and thought it looked good.

Garden of Egan said...

I love Anita Stansfield. I've been hooked on her since that story about her son that loses his wife.
Soooo good.
Looking forward to getting this book.

Patty Ann said...

I think it sounds like a wonderful book to read. I will have to try and pick it up too.


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