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Friday, January 28, 2011

Primary Binder Monthly Themes July - Dec. 2011

I finally completed the monthly themes for my Primary Binder. When I put together the CTR 7 Class binders at the first of the year, I found cute themes pages from Latter-Day Chatter at this post here. In the binder I have class themes January through July. 

I decided to make my own for the remainder months, because I didn't like the theme pages she created, because they were cartoon people and I knew I could find better pictures.

Latter-day Chatter author does a better job, because she has on-line scrap-booking ability. I do mine the old fashion way - by hand and you can tell the difference. BUT, I wanted "real" pictures. Here is my "GO" at the theme pages.

A task complete - Yea!


Rhonda said...

Yikes, August looks familiar. ;0)

Cherie said...

Those are really neat Sondra!! Great idea and so much work but I bet the kids LOVE them!


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