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Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Primary Party

Annalee, Daisha, Lucy and Kaelyn

This year's Christmas Primary Party only 4 sweet girls made it - out of 10 students. I was sad that more children didn't come, but we had a blast. I ordered 4 pizzas - which meant 4 pizza's for 4 girls. We had lots of extra pizza that I sent home with a couple of the girls. 

After eating pizza, we did some crafts.
These are the crafts we did - plus we did some winter scenes with foam pictures that I didn't get a picture of.
After the girls put together their crafts, the decided they wanted to put on a play with the stick puppets for me.
Here is the skit. The sound is quiet at the beginning, but it does get louder. They are such cute girls.
The skit was put on my Kaelyn the penguin, Daisha the reindeer, and Lucy the snowman. 
Annalee decided to do crafts with me while the others did the play.
At the end of the party, it is time for them to get their Christmas present from me.
Opening them... hummmmm what did she give us? A Journal of course! Every week during the year they get a journal page about the lesson. I encourage them to journal each week. Now that they are moving up to another class, they all need a regular journal to continue writing about their life, feelings and testimony. I also encourage them to write about their baptism in these books.

It was a fun party. 2010 our Primary class was calm, spiritual and wonderful to have these girls and their sweet spirits there every week. I'm going to miss this class a lot!

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