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Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas! Our most favorite time of the year!!
The glow of lights that comes into our home brightens our hearts and minds. I love it!

I took it easy this year. I tried not to over book myself and enjoy the music, sights and sounds of this wonderful holiday celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I wasn't as frugal as I wanted to be, but I paid cash for everything (Nothing was charged). 

I received some really delightful gifts this year. 
Charlotte gave me this set of measuring spoons. The are very heavy duty metal with fun carvings and angels at the top. It's fun to grab a spoon full of flour and see the hearts dented into the flour or spices. I'm having tooooo much fun with these measuring spoons. I love them!!
Jo made me this apron. Isn't it cute?? Snowmen! Jo is really talented. She has been making these aprons to give as wedding presents. I was very happy that she made me one too. I've been wearing it everyday!

It's cool to receive cooking stuff .... do they know me or what? 
Look here! I received this ornament from Cherie!!!! BEAUTIFUL! Thanks Cherie for thinking of me. I was very surprised!! 
This year, Jason, Brady and Sharon gave me a shot gun for Christmas. I've wanted a gun for a long time. I can't wait to go out shooting with my children. I hope I can handle it. It's heavy and big. I know I feel a lot safer having a gun in the house. 

When I tell people that I received a shot gun for Christmas they are all shocked. To me it isn't a surprising thing. I was raised around guns and am a pretty good shot. Guns do not scare me at all - especially if I am holding one. I feel safe and secure and it is a good feeling. 

Thanks Jason, Brady and Sharon! This was a terrific gift! It was funny that Santa put the bullets in my stocking. I asked my children if they checked their stockings Christmas morning - and they asked me if I checked mine. It was a surprise! I felt inside and it felt like a stocking full of batteries. I was laughing when I found out it was shot gun bullets. 
Christmas morning Jason got up and made breakfast for us. He made biscuits and gravy. It was very tasty and nice to be pampered. 
We built a fire and started opening presents. 
Jason received, 2 pair of pants, a shirt, a hoodie, shoes, PJ bottoms, socks, exercise bike, floor lamp, a knife set with a knife sharpener, and a hand made wooden cutting board (made by my brother in law Kelly - thanks Kelly!! He loved it!). 
Brady received 4 pairs of pants - all of his older pants are getting too short and he has "Floods" LOL! 5 new shirts, new shoes, socks, gloves, wallet, two DS games and 2 Halo games for the computer (but Halo 2 didn't work because we don't have a graphics card in the computer - boo hoo).
This is the present I was really excited for them to open. It was a Lego set of a Halo fighter. They loved it too! Brady saw it as we were finding presents for "toys for tots" and we knew we had to get it for them. 
Our family received the Scrabble flash game. I was addicted to playing it over and over during the week and the batteries were ran down within the week. :-( SAD!
Sharon received a blender, rubber made food storage kit (the lids stick to the container), glass casserole dishes, PJ bottoms, shirt, Scrabble, an X-box game, and 2 World of Warcraft upgrade games. 
Jason has always loved legos. The first thing he did was start to put it together. I was excited that it had a ton of parts (I thought it would be like a Biconical with a couple of parts.)
Here it is all put together. I didn't catch a photo of Sharon putting hers together. 
Then they started posing and playing with them... Such big kids!  Here are some really short videos of them playing with their toys. LOL! 

It was a wonderful Christmas. We were all spoiled! 

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Patty Ann said...

Christmas is really my favorite time of year! Yours looks amazing.


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