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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Primary CTR 7 Class Binder

 This is the Primary binder for my primary class this year 2011. I decided to put the binders in a bag this year for each of the children. Also included is a set of colored pencils, mechanical pencil and pencil sharpener. 

I couldn't find a binder cover that I liked, so I decided to make it myself. This is the front cover for 2011 binder. The theme is "I know the Scriptures are True". I wanted to include pictures of scriptures stories, because I love the scriptures and stories and hope they will too!. 

For the middle, I thought about the pictures of children reading the scriptures. But I didn't want a girl reading the scriptures for the boys in the class or a boy reading the scriptures for the girls. I wanted them all to be the same, so I used a picture of Jesus with children as the center. I love how it turned out. 
 This is the standard back cover I use every year. It is printed off from the new nursery manual. I use this picture because I teach the class for the children who will be baptized this year.  
 Inside the binder I have the monthly themes with the song for the month on the back. 

I found the monthly themes from Latter-Day Chatter. Here is a link to her monthly themes.    They can be downloaded for free. I admit that I edited February, March, June and July's to add the monthly scripture. Also, I only like her monthly themes through July. The next months I will have to get creative and make my own. I prefer "real" pictures and don't like cartoons - which she uses for August, September and October. I know I can find better pictures for these - so I'll be making my own. I will post what I use when I complete them. 

Her main website is here and you can print off full sheets of songs you need. I do this for songs I sing in my Primary class. They are called "Flip Charts" for full sheet pictures and "Thumbnails" for all the pictures on one sheet. 
 January song and February Theme sheet.
 February song and March Theme sheet. 
 March song and April Theme sheet.
 April song and May Theme sheet. 
 May song and June Theme sheet.
June song and July Theme sheet. I didn't take a pictures of July's song - but you get the idea. 

I love how they turned out. I have a large class again of 13 children. They wanted to split the class - but it isn't fair for the children who are not in my class - so I told them NOT to split it. I know I can handle it anyway. 

Yesterday was our first day with new students. I forget how small they are at the beginning of the year. They sure do grow a lot this year. It's going to be a fun year! They boys and girls were thrilled with their bags and binders and the knowledge that we have class parties this year. PLUS they will get baptized too - it's a wonderful age to teach! 

The project I have on my "to do list" is to put all the lesson journal pages and coloring sheets on my blog this year. I really want to get this completed, so when you see blog after blog of lessons - you will understand. 


Creative Mish said...

You are an awesome teacher! I love that you create these binders for the children!

Patty Ann said...

Oh I love the idea!! I just was released from primary. I really love giving handouts and things for the kids to do. It makes them really look forward to class. I think this is amazing. And what fun for your children who are turning eight!!

Valerie said...

The binders turned out great!
I teach Valiant 8 and it is a fun age to teach! It will be fun to see these new little kids grow over the next year (both in size and ability :)

Scrappy Girl said...

So much time and detail have been put into those. I see the love in the details. The kiddos are lucky to have you.

Zoey said...

So much fun! I am really glad that they didn't split your class. I actually prefer bigger classes to smaller ones. What an awesome job you do!!!


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