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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

School and Cross Country

 The other day when Brady came home from school, he asked me to take his picture, so he could post a new one on facebook. Or course I was ready! Being asked is lots better then the begging that usually goes on. He is such a fun, cute teenager!

Last week was report card time AND parent teacher conference. I'm a bad mother because I decided not to go to parent teacher conference this year. The reason I decided not to, is because I usually stand in line forEVER and then when I get to the teacher, they look at their records and say he doesn't have any missing assignments and he is a good kid. WELL.....I already know that. We have an on-line parent power school that I check everyday. You can click on the grade and see what grade he received for each assignment. I can see if he gets a bad grade on an assignment of didn't turn it in. With these kinds of tools, and a straight "A" student - I don't have any concerns or reason to stand in line and meet with his teachers.
I DO - however, contact the teacher via email if I have a concern all the time during the year. I don't need a scheduled time when he is doing such a great job in school. Here is his current grades off of power school. Perfect attendance and fantastic grades. I am proud of the student he is.  I need to pop down to the school to get a real report card, since they don't mail them out anymore.

Last week we attended the final banquet and award ceremony for Cross Country.
 These are the coaches for the team this year. Liz, Rusty, Brice and Ms. Muri (I don't know her first name). Young coaches ....  they are the best! They are motivating and made this team a family. It's been such a pleasure being involved in cross country.
When Coach Rusty presents the award to each team member, he highlights their strengths and what a great kid they are. He makes it personal for each team member. He is a great coach!

 The certificate that Brady received. Brady hasn't received a letter yet, which I'm sad about. One more year to try and get one - or I hope they just give him one because he as participated for 4 years. They have to run under 19 minutes to receive a letter. Brady's personal record this year is 19.45 - yea! under 20 minutes was his goal. He has also made a goal to run and train through out the year to drop his time and make Varsity next year. I hope he will be able to achieve his goal, through all his hard work.
 This is Coach Rusty's last year with us. He has left to be with his smart wife,  who received a scholarship for her masters and is in Pittsburgh. They have been apart for 12 weeks while Rusty finishes off this last year coaching our team. He is a GREAT coach. We love him!! It's sad that he will not be here for Brady's senior year - sniffle, sniffle.
 We wish him well as he moves on in his life. We know he will be brilliant in anything he does that involves working with kids - hopefully always teenagers. They need someone like him. He is a great motivator and he helps build up a teenager and lets them know they are great and can do great things.
 Rusty and Brice running a race at Bob Firm in the adult section. I think Brice will be our new coach - at least I hope so. They are wonderful men and we have been lucky to have them as our coaches.

This was the last letter from Rusty:
Of all my seasons at Meridian High, what this season was about was truly creating a team and for many of you, a family. We did that, and as I sit here knowing that in less than a week I will no longer be physically a part of what goes on at Meridian High Cross Country I am really thankful for the hard work and wonderful memories that I will get to take with me the rest of my life. I am leaving something that I love to do to do something more important. You are the best kids at the school. I have been working with the most incredibly hard working and fun young people that I have ever met. I have been blown away by so many of your performances and personal character. I have nearly lost my voice a couple of times, and I have loved being a fan of what you guys do. Remember that there is almost nothing that a good hard run can't cure.

Always a Warrior, Always a Runner


They posted a bunch of pictures on our team website. I loved this picture! It's from last year, but I never saw it. I love it! It's been great having Brady involved in Cross Country!

I am Thankful for a free education. I am thankful for people who are teachers and do it well. I am thankful for coaches who motivate children. We are lucky to live in a place where we can take advantage of a good education if we do our part. Those who succeed, value it by studying, participating and doing homework.


Zoey said...

Fun pictures!

Patty Ann said...

Fun pictures. I had one involved in cross country and several of my kids ran track. It is so fun for them!! Just tell him to keep training even when the season is over and he will be ready for next year.


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