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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Looking a little old?

Sharon posted these pictures a couple of weeks ago and I thought they were a hoot.

I first thought they were a Halloween costume and the make up was awesome.

But, it is actually an  iPhone app - to make you look older.

I swear they look 100 years old! ha ha ha! I definitely took a double take when she posted them on facebook. WOW!
It still cracks me up.

I am thankful for my children who make me laugh out loud!


Scrappy Girl said...

That is hilarious! My BIL has one that makes you look VERY FAT! He has a younger sis that is so thin and pretty...but her pic on the fat app is HILARIOUS!

Zoey said...


Ann Marie said...

Too funny!
No wonder people never want to put their phones down! Look at all of the fun apps!

Nonna Beach said...

OMgosh...what app will they think of next ???


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