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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haunted House Fun

Warning!! Photo overload!

Brady helped out a Haunted House over the Halloween weekend. It was a service project for the National Honors Society. The haunted house was at a regular house and admission was canned food or a cash donation for the food bank. Brady helped out Friday night....
..... and Saturday night.  Can you pick him out? In the upper picture he is in the middle with a white face and read nose. He was a zombie clown on Friday night. He had a blast scaring everyone who came through.
Can you find him in the Saturday picture? He is on the right hand side on the end. His hoodie is black and red. He was a zombie. They glued tissue on their face and then added make up. It was spooky! However, he didn't have as much fun playing a serious zombie... He does much better as a clown - LOL!

Below are some highlights of the costumes.
Brady as the crazy clown Zombie. Everyone's comment at the end said that Brady's area was the best! He is quite a character.
Here they are... S C A R Y!
Brady and Erika.
Here is Brady as a serious zombie... Not a good look for him ;-).
It was a great way to spend Halloween for a teenager. I'm glad he had the opportunity to give service in a fun way and for a good cause.


Ann Marie said...

Brady looked really good!
Some of those pictures were Crrrreeepppyyy! :)
I used to LOVE haunted houses.. but I have to stay away from them now.

No bladder control.
hahahaha seriously.

It was good to hear from you today!
Grateful to hear you liked the books too! :)

Zoey said...

Fun service. Very scary pictures!

Rhonda said...

Autumn will hate these pictures. She hates clowns period. Happy or sad it doesn't matter. You will have to ask her at Thanksgiving why she didn't go through the grandstand of terror at the fairgrounds where all of her friends were working.

Valerie said...

Scary looking! It sounds like fun.


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