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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Frugal Living

(Don't you love my new tabs above. A new blog feature I've been working on. Yippee!)

The past few months I have been plagued with my cars breaking down. I hate that they are getting older and need lots of car repairs. Plus, I hate the possibility of breaking down on the road. Not having a reliable car isn't good when your business is traveling from house to house to work.

I've decided to start saving every cent we can squeeze out of our budget to get a new/USED car. I refuse to have a car payment - I just won't do it. I'd rather save and pay for a car and not pay finance charges. I am cheap AND I HATE payments and being in debt. I won't do it!

We will be using food storage instead. I have decided to track the dollar amount spent on groceries per week. This will keep us on track.
Spent on Groceries: 11-1 to 11-7 $.1.31 on Bananas and I splurged on a sandwich $5.30 at Blimpies   Total: $6:61

I will also be writing down a weekly menu to keep us on track.

Fast Sun.
Dinner: Ultimate chicken fingers, potatoes and gravy, beans, salad, homemade bread

B: Cereal w/milk.
L: (Brady) PBJ Sandwich, carrots, applesauce, graham crackers, granola bar and gushers.
(Sondra) Taco Salad, Apple.
D: leftover Sunday dinner

B: Cereal w/ milk
L: (Brady) PBJ Sandwich, carrots, banana, graham crackers, granola bar, gushers. (Sondra) Soup, banana
D: Chicken Noodle Bake, salad and bread

B: Cereal w/ milk
L: (Brady) PBJ Sandwich, carrots, banana, graham crackers, granola bar,gushers. (Sondra) Soup, banana
D: Leftover Chicken Noodle Bake, salad and bread

B: Cereal w/ milk
L: (Brady) PBJ Sandwich, carrots, banana, graham crackers, granola bar, gushers. (Sondra) Leftover Chicken Noodle Bake Soup, Apple
D: Spaghetti (sauce from freezer), salad and bread sticks

B: Cereal w/ milk
L: (Brady) PBJ Sandwich, carrots, banana, graham crackers, granola bar, gushers. (Sondra) leftover spaghetti, salad
D: Tacos and burritos (freeze extra taco meat)

B: Pancakes w/syrup, eggs, bacon.
L: left over Taco or Burrito, Banana or Apple.
D. Stir Fry and Fried Rice

B: French Toast w/syrup, eggs, bacon.
L: leftover stir fry and rice.
D: Meat Loaf, Potatoes, Corn, Salad, homemade bread. (freeze extra meat loaf)

Snacks: Banana bread, Popcorn, Chocolate Chip cookies (homemade dough in freezer), Halloween Candy ;-)

*A side note, Brady takes the same lunch every day. He doesn't like me to mix it up to much - he likes the same thing every day - that's just Brady. He also HATES hot lunch - he prefers a sack lunch. Monday he will get applesauce instead of a banana - because I chose not to go grocery shopping this weekend and our old bananas will become banana bread this week.

**Also, Brady will only eat Fruit Loops for breakfast on the week days. I will eat oatmeal. Brady doesn't like to talk first thing in the morning - so I stay in bed until he hops in the shower. It keeps him happy for the day. He has always been like that and I choose to keep him happy. I don't make him breakfast in the mornings on school days - he likes his space. He is a funny kid who likes his routines - maybe a little OCD - ha ha ha. But that's a whole other story.. LOL!

OH, and one more thing.....I already have money saved for Christmas - that isn't going to be a problem. Sooooo, I don't need charity. It seems like every time I talk about money - people think I am dirt poor and need help. We are fine...I just have a goal that I am working toward... ;-)


Valerie said...

It's too bad more people aren't as disciplined as you are. Sometimes we have to have payments for a car, but it's sure great not to have to.

My son Alex has the same thing for lunch every single day too--a PB sandwich, no fruit, no veggies, no treat, no nothing else. I'd go crazy eating the same thing. :)

Michelle said...

we also save when we have bought our new (to us)/used vehicles. You are a wise woman!

my kindergartener only likes the same things in her cold lunch every day, also. so I know how brady feels ;)

keep up the frugal-ness!

Zoey said...

It will be your Dave car! You are really smart to start saving now. Good luck and let us know if you need any help!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

That is a GREAT goal! Our van had been out of work for 2 weeks - it was really hard to get my husbands truck to use (it is a work truck - not our own) and it doesn't fit everyone in our family!

But we got it fixed for very little! I was so happy! I thought it would be a lot!

I think a lot of people are trying to save - I know we are! And it isn't easy! Our van has over 140,000 miles - I doin't know how much longer it will last - another year or two would be GREAT!


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