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Friday, October 15, 2010

West Park Nampa Cross Country Meet 10/13/2010

My pictures turned out pretty bad. The sun was bright and the contrast was hard to get. I really, really want a nice camera.. Maybe Santa will bring me one.

The race was in Nampa at the "West Park". Since I am not a native to the Boise/Nampa area ... I had NO idea where this park was. I google searched it and thought I found the address and printed a map. Well, I got lost. I ended up at the Nampa Recreation Center. I even forgot my cell phone so I couldn't call Brady and speak to one of the coaches to help me find the way. I stopped in and they printed me a new map and gave me directions - they were great.

I was really running late and thought I would miss the race. I missed the girls race, but made it in time for the boys race - yea!

The boys were waiting around for the last girl to finish. The boys were really encouraging. When the girl came into view the whole group of boys started to clap for her. I thought that was really nice.
 Last girl in and the race began. Here they goooooooooo!
 There they went....
 There goes Brady... Of course I'm cheering and cheering that I forget to catch the photo ... well, almost.
 Bad lighting - but I'll put it in here. There is Brady ... RUN!
 Heading for the finish.
Great pictures from Cherie and her really nice camera. (Camera envy) I was surprised to get these photos from Cherie because I didn't see her at the race. I didn't get to visit with her - which was a bummer. However, thanks a bunch for some awesome pictures.
His time was 20:25. He still hasn't broke the 19 minute mark. Only one more race to go. I hope he will finish strong at districts next week.


Zoey said...

Love it!

Cherie said...

Sondra we got to the race right as the boys started so we barely made it and then we left right after because we had to get to YW in Excellence - Too much stuff on one night but at least I got to see the race and snap a couple of photos.
I can't believe X-country season is almost over - Sad!

Anonymous said...

How I wish I were here...


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