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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Texting Emotions

doh >:-(
penguin <(")
devil 3:)
kiss :-*
kissing (-}{-)
sunglasses 8-| or B-)
smiling :) or ^_^
Sad :-(
angel O:)
laughing loudly :-D or ^o^
headphones or listening to music d^_^b
sad or crying face ;_;
sleeping -.- Zzz
cheers, "Hurrah!" \(^_^)/
shyness (*^_^*)
Nonsense, I don't know (?_?)
shocked, disturbed, stunned, raised eyebrow o_O  
hats off to you d:-o
shouting :-V
what :@.
sticking tongue out :-r
Angry X-(
Braces :-#.
Love or Heart <3
Broken Heart
Cat =^.^=
Clown *<:o
Dazed *-*
Dog :o3
Eyeglasses -@--@-
Fish <><
Mad =/
Hug{ }
Married :-)(-:
Napping ~,~
Nerd :-B
Princess \&&&/
Queen \%%%/
King \VVV/
Sarcastic :-7
Shocked, Surprised :-O
United States Flag **==
Vampire :-E
Winking ;-)

Texting abbreviations post is here and here.


Ann Marie said...

I have never seen quite a few of these!! I really like the kiss.

Thanks for posting! :)

gigi said...

Most of these are new to me.

Sondra said...

I can't get broken heart to post. It is </3

These are pretty fun!

Zoey said...

Fun. I always like the different texting things that you add to your site. I know that I can come back and find them if I need them. You are a big help!

Garden of Egan said...

Those are cute! I've never seen them before.


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