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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

School Pictures

Brady's Junior Picture!!
 I paid for photo shop editing to remove any blemishes. Fortunately for Brady his skin was clear! Unfortunately for us, we have shiny skin which reflects light. The first pictures I received from Dorian was the picture below. I paid for editing and didn't get it. I was sad with the shine.
 It actually looks like he has a white head pimple on his chin - but it is just light reflecting off the divit/dimple in his chin. I called Dorian and they were nice enough to edit the photo and re-send it to me for free - since it was their mistake for not editing it in the first place when I paid for it. But, they were really great and had great customer service. I'm glad I called and didn't pay for a re-take.
 Here is the cross country picture. I really don't like that the shorts are a different blue then the top. I've never noticed it like I do in the photo. At least Brady is cute as ever.
Team picture. Brady is in the 2nd row from the front and right in the middle.


Garden of Egan said...

Such a CUTE kid!!!!
Mama should be so proud!

Ann Marie said...

I just paid for school pictures today.. bleh.

Good girl for calling them.. companies are usually pretty good about wanting customers happy and pleased. :)

Love the cross country pictures..

Rhonda said...

They look great. We don't have the option to edit. I wasn't overly impressed with Autumns, waiting to get Tyms back and Hope just had hers done Monday with a huge gap in her front tooth.

Cherie said...

I have had Taylors 7th grade picture on the wall till this year. He has not taken a good picture since then. So this year I had to have one of his friends come and make him smile and laugh so he would finally take a good picture. Yayyyy!
Brady's turned out great!! So glad you called the company on the editing :)
And in the cross country picture at least there were not any shenanigans like last year - ha ha!


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