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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Primary Halloween Carnival

Last night the Young Woman and Young Men programs put on a Halloween Carnival for the Primary children. Brady's assignment was to bring 2 dozen cup cakes. Here is what we made .... mummies!
 I thought they turned out really cute. We used M&Ms for the eyes. Here are some of the pictures of the costumes.
 There was a cake walk. This is Kaelyn as "Annie". She is in my Primary class.
 Superheroes were Jace and Jack .... Teija is in the picture too.
 Eat a doughnut from a string. Natalie is Raggedy Ann, Lucy is a farmer (she's in my Primary class). King Ethan and Queen Halle.
 Dracula Jensyn (In my Primary class last year) and her Fairy sister Shaeleigh.
Jaqueline is the beautiful Y/W manning the booth.  Go fish! Davin caught something.
 Carson and Davin.
 Here is the Go Fish booth.
 Alice in Wonderland. Very cute Courtney and Isabelle.
 Bean bag toss and in the distance, pumpkin bowling (I didn't get a close up of that game). Brady is helping with the bean bag toss. I think that is Brox - but I can't tell.
 Katarina is a beautiful witch!
 Jonathan and A.J. (in my class last year). Behind these two guys is a "throw the football through a tire (haning from the basket ball hoop) game.
Princess Lacy and ?? I don't know.
 Face painting booth...
 Hayden... I could hardly guess who this was. Great costume.
 Wizard of Oz.. Joelle is the Wicked Witch, Elphaba and is decorating cookies.
And her sister Adwen is the Glinda the Good Witch. I didn't get her star on the end of the stick :-(.

It was a fun activity for the Y/M, Y/W and the Primary Children. I'm glad it was such a success and that we made it! (Brady had a Cross Country meet last night so we were a little late for the Carnival).


Zoey said...

Cute pictures!

Garden of Egan said...

Those cupcakes are so cute!
It looks like those little ones had a great time.
What a creative thing for them.


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