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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Log Holders - What a Great Thing!

About a month ago Big Lots advertised a Log Rack on sale for $36. I had never seen such a cool idea and I wanted one. Unfortunately when I finally got to the store they had sold out, in fact they said they could have sold hundreds.

I decided to check the Internet to purchase one. Amazon had several to choose from. I read the reviews how the cover was really cheap and didn't last. I decided to purchase a little bit more expensive one with more quality for $54.

When it arrived, it was only the cover. I didn't read the contents and thought this included a log rack AND cover. Oh great!! I had a cover but NO log rack.

I decided to check for just a log rack on Amazon. They had them, but wanted $20 to ship it. I had already spent more money then I originally wanted to and didn't want to spend another $50+ to get the log rack too.

I decided to check Lowe's on-line to see if they sold it. They did! In fact they had them in stock at my local store for $37. I drove over that night and bought the log rack.
I asked Brady to put it together and fill it full of wood just outside our back door. I really try to find ways to give him "manly" opportunities to prepare him to be a husband. He didn't complain and did this while I was at work on a day off of school.

 It's enough wood to last at least a week. I love it! I've never seen this before and think it is a very clever idea.
Here it is with the cover closed. It is a very heavy duty cover and will last a long long time. Although I spent more money they I originally wanted, both are good quality and will be a blessing as I get older. When I'm a single old woman, I'll just need to hire a boy from my ward to come every week to fill it (IF my boys live away from me - and I have no grand kids). Then I'll be able to continue to build fires with the wood soooo close to the house.

Over all this is a great investment for me.
We;ve been enjoying a nice fire every evening. At the beginning of cooler nights in the fall, I seem to build more fires then at the end of winter into spring. It's a new and give a cozy warmth that fills our home.

But... who knows, I may build fires all winter and spring until it's hot... Now that I have a handy dandy log rack just outside my door.

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