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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cross Country Time Trials

Last Friday was Time Trials for the cross country team. They have a time trial at the first of the season and one near the end. This shows how they have improved through the season. Brady went from 5.58 to 5.27 minutes for a mile or 4 times around the track.

I hadn't planned on attending, because parents haven't been invited in the past couple of years. I was preparing for my Primary class party and struggled to make myself go. I struggled because I had my night planned out and 1/2 before I needed to be there I received a call from Brady asking me to come. I decided to go and support my wonderful son.

Here is a link to last years Time Trials and Pink Brady. I didn't attend last year- but wished that I could have - it looks like such a fun evening and Brady also won a shoe.

During the last time trial event, the kids put on spirit skits. They are divided into 4 groups and they compete against each other for the best skit.

Brady's teams theme is "FIRE". They spent the whole day after school together practising the skit, figuring out costumes and having a great time together.
Tom, Molly, Lela, Brady and Dylan
Here is their skit. It totally bombed. The fire wouldn't stay lit. It was funny but they totally lost.
This team sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" I thought it was great and so were their costumes. They didn't win because they did not prepare a skit until about an hour before the event began. No preparation, but I really liked it and they did a great job.
This team is the Skittles. Here is their skit lyrics:

All you other sucka teams
With your one color themes
Yeah you're borin' like vanilla
And you know that we're so killa

We're kickin' butt in all our races
Yeah we're takin' home first places
And we know that you're so jealous
'Cuz we got some muscley (sp?) fellas! (Ohhhh!)

Our girls are smokin' hot
And you know we can't be stopped
So get on your knees and bow,
Everybody say it now...
After the skits the girls race and then the boys. This is the boys. (I didn't take a picture of the girls)
After the races are finished it's award time. The Skittles skit won 2nd place.
Glow in the dark one first place.
Here is their skit. Their fire worked.
Then they give baby shoe awards to the runners who have improved the most between the 2 time trials. It was a very fun and cold evening. I'm glad I went.

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Zoey said...

I love it! I am so glad that he is able to participate in something so great.


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