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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cross Country District Race

Friday, October 22nd was our Cross country District meet. This meet determines what schools goes to  State. Our varsity girls qualified to go to state! However, our varsity boys did not qualify. It was really sad. When Coach Rusty told the boys that they did not qualify, they were really upset and shed a few tears. Heartbreaking.

The boy who won the Boys varsity race ran it in 15 minutes 55 second. Dan from our team ran it in 16.28 and Chris ran it in 16.38 only a 10 second difference. Dan qualified to be the only boy from our school to compete in the state meet. They are fast!
 Junior Varsity teams getting ready to race. Brady is on the Junior Varsity team. You can see Meridian with the big "M: on their shirts.
 The meet was at Eagle Island and was a beautiful fall day.
 Go Brady!
 My friend Cherie took this picture. I love the location she took it - showing all the fall leaves. She has a great eye in finding the perfect spot to take a beautiful picture. I only worry about getting pictures of Brady and not missing him - not the setting. You can tell she is a true photographer with a great eye. I love this picture!
 Brady was REALLY happy with his race! He set a personal record!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!
Brady broke 20 minutes which was his goal for the season.
He finished at 19.45.
He was also the 97th JV runner out of 240.
The winning time in the JV boys race was 17.01. 
It was a great way to end the season!
I am the proudest mom of all!

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Cherie said...

Brady did AWESOME!! I was so glad he made his goal!!!


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