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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year for the Priest and Laurels Halloween party, Brady dressed up as a Pirate. He had a bunch of fun being this bad boy.
Ahoy, me Maties!
 Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.
 Yo ho!
 To err is human , To Arr is Pirate ...
 Surrender your booty!
 Boys love to be pirates. When Brady decided to be a pirate this year, of course I have flashbacks to my Jason.
 Jason loved being a pirate and was one for many years.
Aaay Matie!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cross Country District Race

Friday, October 22nd was our Cross country District meet. This meet determines what schools goes to  State. Our varsity girls qualified to go to state! However, our varsity boys did not qualify. It was really sad. When Coach Rusty told the boys that they did not qualify, they were really upset and shed a few tears. Heartbreaking.

The boy who won the Boys varsity race ran it in 15 minutes 55 second. Dan from our team ran it in 16.28 and Chris ran it in 16.38 only a 10 second difference. Dan qualified to be the only boy from our school to compete in the state meet. They are fast!
 Junior Varsity teams getting ready to race. Brady is on the Junior Varsity team. You can see Meridian with the big "M: on their shirts.
 The meet was at Eagle Island and was a beautiful fall day.
 Go Brady!
 My friend Cherie took this picture. I love the location she took it - showing all the fall leaves. She has a great eye in finding the perfect spot to take a beautiful picture. I only worry about getting pictures of Brady and not missing him - not the setting. You can tell she is a true photographer with a great eye. I love this picture!
 Brady was REALLY happy with his race! He set a personal record!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!
Brady broke 20 minutes which was his goal for the season.
He finished at 19.45.
He was also the 97th JV runner out of 240.
The winning time in the JV boys race was 17.01. 
It was a great way to end the season!
I am the proudest mom of all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No More Pictures

Well..... I've done it. I've ran out of picture storage on google. 

Now I must purchase more storage space to continue blogging with pictures. At least it's only $5 per year for 20 GB more space. I am completely sad that it is no longer totally free to blog with pictures.


Well....until it is updated, I have to wait to blog with pictures. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Witches Potion Center

I have made a witches potion center in the window above my kitchen sink. I'd love to have some dry ice bubbling from the calderon - maybe at Halloween.
 I've been looking for different potion bottles now and then.  I purchased the first 3 at the end of the season last year - cheap. The last 3 I purchased from Michael's this year for a dollar each. I didn't like the labels so I did a search for free potion labels and made the last 2.
 I also have been looking for a witches spell book. I'd love to have one like on Hocus Pocus with an eye on it. But, I found this cute printable and attached it to a book I already had. I love it. Here is a link to the printable for the witches spell book cover.
I also had 6 mini Martinelli's grape juice bottles on hand in my food storage center. I decided to make all my Vampire friends happy and added some blood to the window (Twilight).
 After we drink these, I'll add red liquid for a prop in the coming years.
I found this cool site called "Seeing Things: That Aren't Really There" and she has free printables for Apothecary jars here and more here. Her blog is pretty cool for Halloween ideas- Enjoy!

I love my new potion center AND I love free printables.

Motivational Monday - "Our Assignments"

“To be a righteous woman during the winding up scenes on this earth, before the second coming of our Savior, is an especially noble calling. The righteous woman’s strength and influence today can be tenfold what it might be in more tranquil times. She has been placed here to help to enrich, to protect, and to guard the home---which is society’s basic and most noble institution. Other institutions in society may falter and even fail, but the righteous woman can help to save the home, which may be the last and only sanctuary some mortals know in the midst of storm and strife.” ~President Spencer W. Kimball
Marjorie Pay Hinckley
"Think about your particular assignment at this time in your life.
It may be to get an education,
it may be to rear children in righteousness,
it may be to be a grandparent,
it maybe to care for and relieve the suffering of someone you love,
 it may be to do a job in the most excellent way possible,
it may be to support someone who has a difficult assignment of their own.
Our assignments are varied and they change from time to time. Don't take them lightly.
Give them your full heart and energy.
Do them with enthusiasm.
Do whatever you have to do this week with your whole heart and soul.
To do less than this will leave you with an empty feeling."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Telemarketers, DON"T CALL ME! I will report you!

The telephone rings, I stop what I'm doing and run to get the phone before it stops ringing. This is what happens more often then not, because I don't walk around holding a phone. When I answer the phone, I get really annoyed when it is a telemarketer call.


Lately it seems like everyone is calling for money AND they are not legitimate. It's all a scam. Don't give money over the telephone - EVER!

I've gotten so tired of the many phone calls, that I have finally found a way to stop them. REALLY!

Since I DO belong to the no call list, I say: "Why are you calling me? I am on the no call list. You will be hearing from my lawyer and will be receiving a bill for $3000. Please stop calling me and take me off of your list." CLICK! I don't listen to them at all, I just say my speech when I figure out they are a telemarketer or scamming charity.

THEN I actually go to the website for the NO CALL LIST and file a complaint on every phone number that calls me that is spam or a telemarketer. If the person that is calling me is someone that I do business with "like a bank", I always ask to be taken off the call list. (No, I don't want another credit card, No I don't want insurance blah, blah blah)

This statement has a trickle down effect, because I am not receiving those pesky telephone calls anymore.

Telephone numbers placed on the National Do Not Call Registry will remain on it permanently due to the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007, which became law in February 2008. Read more about it at

Aaaaaaahhh the sweet sound of silence OR a friend on the other end of the line. SaWEET!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cross Country Time Trials

Last Friday was Time Trials for the cross country team. They have a time trial at the first of the season and one near the end. This shows how they have improved through the season. Brady went from 5.58 to 5.27 minutes for a mile or 4 times around the track.

I hadn't planned on attending, because parents haven't been invited in the past couple of years. I was preparing for my Primary class party and struggled to make myself go. I struggled because I had my night planned out and 1/2 before I needed to be there I received a call from Brady asking me to come. I decided to go and support my wonderful son.

Here is a link to last years Time Trials and Pink Brady. I didn't attend last year- but wished that I could have - it looks like such a fun evening and Brady also won a shoe.

During the last time trial event, the kids put on spirit skits. They are divided into 4 groups and they compete against each other for the best skit.

Brady's teams theme is "FIRE". They spent the whole day after school together practising the skit, figuring out costumes and having a great time together.
Tom, Molly, Lela, Brady and Dylan
Here is their skit. It totally bombed. The fire wouldn't stay lit. It was funny but they totally lost.
This team sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" I thought it was great and so were their costumes. They didn't win because they did not prepare a skit until about an hour before the event began. No preparation, but I really liked it and they did a great job.
This team is the Skittles. Here is their skit lyrics:

All you other sucka teams
With your one color themes
Yeah you're borin' like vanilla
And you know that we're so killa

We're kickin' butt in all our races
Yeah we're takin' home first places
And we know that you're so jealous
'Cuz we got some muscley (sp?) fellas! (Ohhhh!)

Our girls are smokin' hot
And you know we can't be stopped
So get on your knees and bow,
Everybody say it now...
After the skits the girls race and then the boys. This is the boys. (I didn't take a picture of the girls)
After the races are finished it's award time. The Skittles skit won 2nd place.
Glow in the dark one first place.
Here is their skit. Their fire worked.
Then they give baby shoe awards to the runners who have improved the most between the 2 time trials. It was a very fun and cold evening. I'm glad I went.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Log Holders - What a Great Thing!

About a month ago Big Lots advertised a Log Rack on sale for $36. I had never seen such a cool idea and I wanted one. Unfortunately when I finally got to the store they had sold out, in fact they said they could have sold hundreds.

I decided to check the Internet to purchase one. Amazon had several to choose from. I read the reviews how the cover was really cheap and didn't last. I decided to purchase a little bit more expensive one with more quality for $54.

When it arrived, it was only the cover. I didn't read the contents and thought this included a log rack AND cover. Oh great!! I had a cover but NO log rack.

I decided to check for just a log rack on Amazon. They had them, but wanted $20 to ship it. I had already spent more money then I originally wanted to and didn't want to spend another $50+ to get the log rack too.

I decided to check Lowe's on-line to see if they sold it. They did! In fact they had them in stock at my local store for $37. I drove over that night and bought the log rack.
I asked Brady to put it together and fill it full of wood just outside our back door. I really try to find ways to give him "manly" opportunities to prepare him to be a husband. He didn't complain and did this while I was at work on a day off of school.

 It's enough wood to last at least a week. I love it! I've never seen this before and think it is a very clever idea.
Here it is with the cover closed. It is a very heavy duty cover and will last a long long time. Although I spent more money they I originally wanted, both are good quality and will be a blessing as I get older. When I'm a single old woman, I'll just need to hire a boy from my ward to come every week to fill it (IF my boys live away from me - and I have no grand kids). Then I'll be able to continue to build fires with the wood soooo close to the house.

Over all this is a great investment for me.
We;ve been enjoying a nice fire every evening. At the beginning of cooler nights in the fall, I seem to build more fires then at the end of winter into spring. It's a new and give a cozy warmth that fills our home.

But... who knows, I may build fires all winter and spring until it's hot... Now that I have a handy dandy log rack just outside my door.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Hallo-scream!

I boo believe in Ghosts! I boo, I boo, I boo!
Breakfast at our house. Last year we had a chocolate chip face, but Brady didn't like the chocolate chips in his breakfast. This year no face - but still cute.
A spooky tour of our house. Welcome! The witch is in.
Please park all brooms at the door and come on in for a  little closer look.
 Booooooo is spoken here. Ghosts pop in from house to house with flashing lights in our spooky village.
Our new cabinet that holds piano music. What a ghastly ghost!
Just hanging out with my ghoul friends.
A new spider ... Can you see it hanging in the middle of the room?
A closer look ... plus spiders in the rock over the fireplace AND crawling on the outside of our house.

You can see more detailed decorations from the past here and here.

Primary Class Halloween Party

Saturday I held a Halloween Party for my Primary class. Only the girls showed up - no boys. This class is delightful and I just love all these wonderful girls. We started out the party by eating pizza.
Annalee, Kaelyn, Daisha and Lucy.
Then we started to do a couple of crafts. First color these monster faces. I picked monster faces because you could color it in your own way instead of a basic vampire, Frankenstein, witch because they would have all been the same.
Lauren and Ali showing their pre-colored monsters.
We played Halloween music - which the girls loved and laughed through.
Lauren was the first to finish her monster. Very cute!
Then Ali - Fangtastic!
The hour planned for the party went by really fast. I had lots of crafts planned but ended up only doing a couple. One of them was finger puppets. I had them stop working on their monsters and quickly finish the finger puppets.  You can click on the picture to enlarge and see them better. This is Ali and Kaelyn.
Here is Annalee's half finished monster. I also had planned to paint pumpkins, but we didn't have time. I let them take the pumpkin home to paint.
Daisha finished hers - Yeah!! It is boooo-tiful.
Lucy didn't get hers finished either... Darn! But a great start.
And Kaelyn's monster. I had a wonderful time partying with the girls. It is a wonderful class.

I received two thank you cards for the party, from Annalee and Kaelyn. Such sweet girls to do this.

I thought this was a cute poem.. My wish for my dear class:

Since this is the time for goblins and bats,
Halloween spirits and ghosts and cats,
Weird happenings and witches brew,
These are the things we wish for you:

May the only ghost that comes to stay,
Be the Holy Ghost to guide your way,
May the only spirits you chance to meet,
Be the spirits of love and warm friendship sweet.

May the only trick you are asked to do,
Be the trick of helping a sister or two.
These are our Halloween wishes for you,
And may God bless you in all you do.
Here is my monster..... I added glitter. I think any trick or treaters coming to our house will see a monster peeking through the door. MaWhahahaha.


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