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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seminary Devotional

Brady had a Seminary Devotional Monday. That meant that we were busy preparing the goodies over the weekend. I had planned on doing the same devotional we did last year at this link: Seminary Devotional.


Brady wanted something different. I came up with some other ideas related to General Conference which is coming up in a few weeks. But I already had purchased the play doe and compass for this particular devotional.

I finally
stopped looking for inspiration and told Brady that he was giving the same devotional we did last year.

He was worried that the play doe would be a disruption to the class like it was last year. I told him to give the handout at the end of the class. He was fine with that compromise.

We printed, cut out and glued 30 handouts together over the weekend, to be ready for his devotional on Monday.
I thought I would add the play doe handout for you to print off. It should work if you click on the picture and print it out on card stock - I print them out of off white card stock.  Then you just have to cut them out and hot glue them to the small play doe. I used a paper cutter to do the straight lines that go around the jar. The circles we cut out by hand. It's a time consuming process for 30 people - but it is worth it. Anyway you can make an inspiration impact on these teenagers - is a good thing.

This devotional goes along with "Agency and accountability out of the Strength of Youth hand book. That is what he presents during the devotional.

“Wherefore, men … are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death” (2 Nephi 2:27).

Your Heavenly Father has given you agency, the ability to choose right from wrong and to act for yourself. You have been given the Holy Ghost to help you know good from evil. While you are here on earth, you are being proven to see if you will use your agency to show your love for God by keeping His commandments.

While you are free to choose for yourself, you are not free to choose the consequences of your actions. When you make a choice, you will receive the consequences of that choice. The consequences may not be immediate, but they will always follow, for good or bad. Wrong choices delay your progression and lead to heartache and misery. Right choices lead to happiness and eternal life. That is why it is so important for you to choose what is right throughout your life.

You are responsible for the choices you make. You should not blame your circumstances, your family, or your friends if you choose to disobey God’s commandments. You are a child of God with great strength. You have the ability to choose righteousness and happiness, no matter what your circumstances.

You are also responsible for developing the abilities and talents Heavenly Father has given you. You are accountable to Him for what you do with your abilities and how you spend your time. Do not idle away your time. Be willing to work hard. Choose to do many good things of your own free will.

Matthew 25:14–29

I need to be working on some unique seminary devotionals. Brady is getting tired of doing the same ones. I seriously think - HE THINKS - it's easy for me to come up with great ideas - or find them.

In reality - it's hard work to come up with fun things. :-D

Oh..... the life of a mom.


Valerie said...

It's a good message for adults too. :) I'll use that for a FHE soon.

Zoey said...

There has to be websites and blogs that share ideas just like you do. I will start looking for some. Do you know when his next devotional will be?

Sondra said...

Zoey Michelle, If you find one - send me the link. I googled LDS Seminary Devotionals and didn't get anything - with handouts. Sugardoodle doesn't even have Seminary handout ideas - which is a total shock!

I get a lot of traffic to my site for Devotionals - from google queries.

I wonder if there are any blogs out there who does devotionals like I do.

I know I can use Y/W hand out ideas. I just need to be one of those sites that posts the ideas - even if we don't use them. At least there are ideas somewhere.


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