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Monday, September 6, 2010

Motivational Monday - "We're all Sunbeams"

by: Angela McElroy, Cindy Henzi LDS Woman's Conference 2010

I am sure your mother or father has said to you a time or two, “Time to Rise and Shine!” This is a favorite saying of mine. “Rise and Shine”! Each morning you are given the gift of a new day. What you create today is up to you. How can you shine today? I can think of a few examples and I am sure you can too.

Create Sunshine. Smile. Smile at strangers and silently bless all whom you come into contact. In Alma 34 we are counseled to, “…pray for those around us.” Invite acquaintances in your ward or neighborhood to an activity to get to know them better. Share a baked treat with a less known neighbor or co-worker.
Create a peaceful day. After you have spoke with someone, did you leave that person better than you found them? The old cliché “If you can't say something nice and to their face, don't say it at all.” That would save many a heartache in this world. The golden rule applies to any age, “Do unto others as I would do unto you”.

Create Love. We are commanded to love one another, “…as I have loved you.” When we see and love one another as our Savior does with compassion & acceptance, we will truly have charity, which is the pure love of Christ. Send loving thoughts to those around you and those to whom you come into contact
with each day.
Create Service. Look for opportunities to lend a hand and do a kind deed without expecting any acknowledgment in return. Just as important; allow others to serve you, or you deny them the blessing of service. We may never be able to repay the many blessings we receive from others, but we
can pay it forward.
Create a happy home. Much of what we know of love we learn at home. Create a space that invites the spirit. Have accessible inspiring books and beautiful music. If home doesn’t make sense, nothing does.

by: Angela McElroy, Cindy Henzi LDS Woman's Conference 2010

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Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful thoughts that you exemplify perfectly!


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