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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cross Country Thoughts and Run For the Pie

I have been stalking Brady and keeping his comments about cross country off of facebook. Here are things he has said that I'd like to keep in my journal.

Aug 17 Ran in the heat this afternoon. It was not a fun run, especially since it was next to a river, making the air more humid then it needed to be. Though after the run, the river did come in handy, I just wanted to lay down in that thing, and I would have if I had had a breathing tube or something.

Ugh, I am feeling a little sore, not in a "It hurts" but more in a "I'm very tight" type of way.

Aug 19 Because of cross country, every time I get to sleep in, it feels like a Saturday. Then when I get more conscious I realize that it's just a Thursday.

Aug 20 Time trials today + a bombin' party. I know you're all jealous, especially since I'm bringing home made cookies (mom's secret recipe) Oh yea, EVERYONE likes them.
I AM SOO EXCITED!!!! I JUST P.R.-ed ON MY MILE TIME! Last year, at the very end of the year, I got 6 minutes flat on the track. This year, at the very beginning of the year, on a slow, hill/dirt/grass course I got 5:58! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year now!

Aug 21 Went on a massive run today. After, I felt a little light headed, and my face started to feel funny, like it was numbing. My mom said I was hungry (malnourished is probably the better word) after that run. But I have her permission to die for the rest of the day. I even took a nap! That never happens to me!
This is Brady's running log comments. He didn't like this race - but I thought it was a great practise fun for the season. The race wasn't timed. They started the race by saying, "My My My, I Like Pie" and then they took off. Brady didn't like not knowing the coarse and where he was to the finish line. He didn't know if he should conserve his energy or run hard. He likes people cheering for you. I guess he does like a weird screaming Mom - helling for him at the top of my lungs LOL!. I completely forgot my camera - shoot. No pictures of the real deal!

The Run for the Pie race is all about PIE... We have to bring a pie and at the end of the race, they call up every runner in the order they finished the race to come and get a pie. I was going to make a pie, but I was to tired after working so hard that week - that I didn't have it in me to make one. We ended up purchasing a pie from Albertsons. There were pies from Marie Calendars and Sherry's - I wish I would have thought about buying one from there. Better yet, I wish I had enough energy in me to make one. It's not my usual thing to purchase items like this - usually everything is homemade from us. Oh well.... I can't be super woman all the time :-D.

Run for the Pie
August 28, 2010 (Morning)
Exercise Type: Run
Weather: Cool Comments: Be forewarned: If you're looking for some positive motivation, this is not the place to get it from, try someone else.

I really hated this race so bad and was so angry that I didn't even want to post this race, but I am, because Rusty thinks that it is important. I hate that I had no idea what the race format was, I was cruising during the beginning because I thought with the exception of a few small hills it was going to be mainly flat.

Then about a mile in, we had to start scaling a freaking mountain. I honestly thought I was going to pull over and throw up, and I don't even know what I was going to throw up, I hadn't eaten that day, and I had a really early dinner the day before, and hadn't woken up drinking massive amounts of water. I cursed myself, but after I got up a few of the hills at the end, I actually walked a few steps before running again, since I was practically wheezing the whole time up the hill.

When we got to the down hill part, I didn't want to run down it fast, so I slowed down and took it in as a recovery, and watched a few people pass me that were going down the hill like I wanted to go down it. I had no idea where I was in the race, I wasn't feeling like a hot shot, and I hate it when I don't know if I have less then a mile to go, or more then a mile to go, so I don't know how I should use or conserve my energy.

It was nice though, when I was running down the hill, this kid from Boise was running side by side with me, and we were totally synchronized, that is, until we got to a flatter part, then he just started to take off. Then I was running by my self pretty much, which is one of the worst feelings in the world.

I could see the guy in front of me, but you have no one there to motivate you, and because of the coarse set up, there were only people cheering you on at the begging and the very end. There were more people cheering for the girls then the guys because the girls get to warm up while we run, so I just got some support from Brice in between the dismal parts.

Anyways, when I was by myself, I started to loose focus, and go in a more steady pace then a real race pace, before I knew it Cody O'Neil was on my butt, and then passed me, which was a big blow, since I was going into the race thinking he was setting his goals high by trying to keep up with me, even with my crappy shins this whole week, (which I think has slowed me down because I haven't been able to run great this whole week because the sides of my shins have been hurting, and I don't know what is wrong with them.)

Anyways, I wish I could just sulk the rest of the day, and then do mad abs tomorrow and take my anger out the next day by doing some serious tempo running, but I have to put a smile on and go to Cody's Birthday Party. Hopefully he doesn't rub it in to much.

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Zoey said...

Brady - did you know that we've been trying to run too? We would love pointers. I'm sure that you did just fine. It is hard when you don't know how long. Can you run with a watch or pedometer so that you know how much further you have??? Well, take it easy. Love you both!


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