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Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Fun Pictures of Brady

I absolutely LOVE when people post pictures of Brady on Facebook and I can swipe them.... Yes, I am soooo bad! But, Brady is such a cutie and I love all of these random pictures of him. Here are a few:
Brady is on the bottom.. This is a fun picture.
A Cross Country picture. I think he looks much older this year then when this was taken. He is growing up too fast!
Brady and Cody... Brady looks kinda mad - don't you think? Look out!
Last year the kids with good grades were able to go to "Wahooz" - a fun zone amusement park. They were able to take the day off school and go play for a day. Here is Brady with his friends. Look at all those girls kissing him... Hmmmmmmm ... I don't think that is legal - he is NOT 16 years old yet... What is he thinking?? It's OK with mom??? Nope... not until you are at least 21 and returned home from your mission - LOL!

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