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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MHS Registration for Junior Year!

This morning we registered Brady for his Junior year in High School!! Goooooo Warriors!

While I was there, I decided to get a print out of his report card. Last year the school district decided not to mail report cards or any Principal newsletters - due to budget cuts. When I called, they told me to print it off of the Parent School system - where we monitor grades daily. I printed it off, but it wasn't pretty like a report card. I need a nice one, for our records and scrapbooks.
This is his report card for his Sophomore year!! Woo Hoo 4.0 and no missed days or tardies!! Brady is such a great kid. I told him I wanted to see this again for his Junior year! :-D
(I hope, I hope, I hope - fingers crossed).
Fees for this year $100, plus pictures $41. He didn't have any extra "club" or class fees - yeah!
But, still quite a bit of money. Thank goodness I have 2 "only" children going through these school fees one at a time. Does that make since? With a 10 year difference in Jason and Brady's ages, I haven't had to pay for both of them in the same year. I don't know how you do it if you have lots of children going through at the same time - yikes!

With his school records, we received his ISAT (Idaho Standards Achievement Test) scores from last year. The scale is "BB"=Below Basic, "B"=Basic, "P"=Proficient, "A"=Advanced..

In Reading, score 241 - Advanced
Mathematics, score 268 - Advanced
 Language, score 242 - Advanced
And last Science, score 253 - Advanced!
Cross Country is going full blast of 2 practises per day. I'm excited for another year of watching this team run!

This year Brady will be the Business Manager on the School Newspaper team.

Also he is a "Link Crew Leader".

As a leader he will be given the responsibility of managing and instructing a small group of 8 - 10 Freshman on Orientation Day in a series of activities; these are done in effort for the Leaders and Freshman to get to know each other better as well as allow the Leaders the opportunity to pass on some valuable information about being successful in high school.

In preparation for orientation day, Brady is required to attend several training days and other events in order to be fully prepared to be an excellent Link Crew Leader.

In addition to orientation day and the events related to that, they will also be called upon to support Freshmen throughout the year in a variety of ways including calling their Freshman group to check in, connecting with them during the school day, attending a variety of social events specifically designed for Freshmen and Link Leaders as well as being available as a mentor for the Freshmen should the situation arise.

Here is Brady's activity card and school picture for this year. I wish they wouldn't have done the picture at an angle and had them sit straight. Oh well....he is still such a cute young man!
It's going to be an awesome year! I'm excited for all of these wonderful opportunities for Brady and being able to attend a great school!


Rhonda said...

Looks like your registration wasn't any cheaper than Autumns. Yikes. Sounds like he is off to a busy start already. I can't believe he is going to be a junior. It is going all to fast. I do not like it. I am heartbroken Hope is starting kindergarten. I have really tried talking her out of not going and staying home with me. She isn't going for it.

Cherie said...

I get to go do this today with Taylor and I only have one kid to do this year since Trent is in elementary school Yayyyy!
We have had years where we have had 3 or 4 kids with all those expenses and it WAS killer. The year Ryan went on his mission we had mission, 2 in High School and one in Jr. High (which is just as expensive) and that year really hurt!!
Good job to Brady on all his good grades - He is an excellent student and will probably get a good scholarship to college!
He will like doing the link crew too - that seems like a fun experience and great leadership training.


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