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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


For school registration, Brady had "a plan" to meet up with all of his friends to register together. The plan was to try and get lockers next to each other. We were next to 2 of his friends waiting to get in, however when they received their schedules right inside the door, the took off to get it changed because there were errors. We went forward and finished our registration. So far the plan wasn't working too well.
We went through everything but passed the "get a locker" place. Brady started texting his friends to find out where they were. We waited for them and that is when I decided to go get the print out of his report card from last year.

Then we went to the 2nd cafeteria where his friends were getting their schedule change. We waited ..... and waited ..... and waited. I was getting antsy because I really needed to get to work. I decided he would have to walk home or get a ride and left him there.

When they went to get their locker, one of their friends Kara was in the booth giving out parking permits. She told the staff member that these were her friends and they all wanted lockers together. The VERY NICE staff person went to a clean sheet and gave them every other locker.. Which meant that they all had the top locker - in a very great location which in this world is very private (not for the blog).

Woo Hoo!! They might have just given them all top lockers because they are all really good honor students - who knows??... But Yeah!! A top locker surrounded by all of his friends. Such a great way to start off the school year!

Oh, and he got a ride home - he didn't have to walk because a mean mom left him there. LOL!


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

YEA!! That is great!

Valerie said...

When I was in school, we had full-length lockers. These half ones are a bit too little I think. Glad he got a top one near his friends though.

Zoey said...

Great news!


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