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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun with a Food Saver

Have you heard of Wendy Dewitt? There are 9 YouTube videos on her food storage presentation. Here are 2 of the 9 YouTube videos. I am always trying to find the correct way to store food, because wasting food storage is like throwing money down the drain.

I was excited to see how a food saver can be very valuable in keeping food from going bad. I have been looking for one on eBay and Amazon for a while. I'm bad at eBay because I always get outbid. I'm not always on the computer watching as the time expires. I like Amazon because I can find a good price and just purchase it - not lose out to a bidding war. I found a brand new Food Saver unit on Amazon for $59.95 with free shipping. The wide mouth Jar sealer was $11.69 w/free shipping.

I received this in May and finally have found the time to use it. Now that I am in the process of canning and working on my food storage room again I cleaned bottles and started filling them. FINALLY!
So far I've done raisins, garlic, walnuts, mixed nuts. I want to start doing my chocolate, butterscotch, and peanut butter chips in bottles, possibly marshmallows.

I've seen wonderful food storage pantries, where they keep their long term food storage in the the 10 gal buckets, but keep a canning jar full in the kitchen pantry to use. They keep the jar sealed with the food saver to lock in the freshness. I wish I had seen this method before I purchased all the Pete jars. However, the food saver doesn't do dry powdered products like flour, pancake mixes etc. But, it works great on freeze dried fruit/veggies, beans, chips, lentils, noodles to put in a jar and seal in the freshness.

 I'm excited with this way of preserving food.
Currently I only have a wide mouth jar sealer. I may have to break down and get a regular mouth sealer too.

Quick tip: After it is magically sealed, I un-do the hose from the jar sealer and then remove the sealer. Removing the hose, loosens the sealing pressure from the sealer (not the jar) and it is easier to remove.


Zoey said...

I will have to watch the videos. I always think we are doing good with food storage, until I remember everything that you have!

Connie said...

I've been to one of her seminars and she's marvelous! I have a food saver but it doesn't have a hose attachment! I need to find a different one!

Thanks for posting her videos. Good job on getting your food saver!


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