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Saturday, August 14, 2010

B-Day Gifts For Brady

When Brady arrived at cross country practise on his birthday, nobody would believe it was his birthday until they checked it out on facebook. A couple of people told him that they would bring him a gift the next day if it was his birthday. When he went to practise, these are the gifts he got. It was very kind of these girls to think of him.

The Oreo package came from the girl he won the Oreo Champion from at cross country practise. :-D I think she still can't believe he won - LOL!
The card was homemade from Sora.
Along with a hundred dollar card the Inside said:
Happy Birthday
Hope this 17th year (because you've already lived 16) year is really great! You're such a cool guy and keep coming to these summer practices. And keep laughing your Brady-laugh, because it makes me feel like I'm funny when I know I'm lame .... :-D Sora

These girls made Brady's sweet 16th birthday special! Thanks a bunch!

I almost forgot to post Brady's present from his dad. Maurice gave him a $50 iTunes gift card. This was on his list, he love finding new music. He really has a unique taste in music. He will be watching a movie or TV show and fall in love with the music. Then he sets out to find it. He has a very musical ear. A lot of the music is completely instrumental. He is an amazing kid and I know he will have a ton of fun finding new music to load on his iPod.

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Zoey said...

Fun! What a great present!


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