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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Fence

The spring storms that blew through Meridian destroyed my fence. I knew this would eventually happen because this section of fence has been on life support for quite a while.
The posts had rotted away and complete broke off.

This left us with a gaping hole which complete made me feel unsecure. It's amazing how secure you feel with a fence, but now anyone could venture into my back yard and I didn't like it. This happened in May and it took me until July to get it fixed and I never got used to having my back yard opened up.
My favorite fence company is:
Doug Rich
Fence 'N Deck

He does an amazing job. I called and he came the next day and started working on it that same day. He did some work for me a couple of years ago. His work is outstanding and he has very high standards and great work ethic. I highly recommend him!
He started the work to replace that section of fence and put in a new gate.
Doug hand picks his boards. Can you believe it? He goes through board after board looking for only the straightest, small knots - pure perfection.
After he finished he told me he could replace the older boards on the older section with new boards at a minimal cost. The bones of the old structure were fine, but it would look better if they all matched.  I went ahead and replaced them all with new boards.
It's beautiful! I'm secure!!!!!!!
The gate opens and closes with ease and no squeaking. I'm extremely happy to have this beautiful fence. Doug did a great job!! Thanks!


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