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Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie Review "Eclipse, Shrek, Airbender, Robin Hood"

This summer we have seen lots of movies. When Autumn and my mom were here visiting we saw Eclipse, Shrek Forever After and Avatar, The Last Airbender.
I was pleasantly surprised with Eclipse. I have to say this is by far my favorite one out of the three. The vampires didn't look pasty white, The actors seem to be better in this one. I really thought the new Victoria was beautiful - I like her better. Of course, I felt they left out my favorite lines from the book and it all seems rushed - but I guess it is not the book and I have to accept what they can put on the screen.

I laughed when Jacob arrived on the screen and all the oooooohs and aaaaaaaahs for cute little Jacob.. But not for Edward... Hmmmmmmmm interesting!

I'm excited for 2 Breaking Dawn movies. Yeah! Now that they got the hang of acting. I liked this director the best - but alas, we have a new one again for Breaking Dawn. I hope the screen writer does a good job in writing it. Fingers crossed!
We saw Shrek Forever After and I loved it. I like the Shrek movies. This one touched my heart and I had tears in my eyes. I loved it!
We have been really excited for The Last Airbender movie to come out. I liked it ... but Brady didn't like it at all. I know the kids who like the cartoon were very disappointed with the movie.
Jackson Rathbone (Jasper in Twilight) was a main character Sokka. He is such a stiff actor. I was not impressed with him and am not impressed with him in the Twilight series. I was surprised he got this job.
Last Christmas Brady received all three DVD's for the Avatar, The Last Airbender cartoon. He watches them and loves them. The first pack of 6 DVD's is the first movie. That's 8 1/2 hours of cartoons for one movie. It's a lot to fit into a 2 hour movie.

Brady wanted more action and he thought the dialog was ridiculous. I heard there were boys getting their hair cut with an arrow down the center of their head like The Last Airbender and when they saw it, they were VERY disappointed.. Probably like me and Twilight.

But, I liked it. I haven't watch all the cartoons - just some of them. Brady wants me to sit and watch them all. That's a lot of time to watch all three sets - like 25 hours worth.. I just don't know.. I may have to do it.
When Brady came home from Scout Camp we went to the dollar show and saw Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. It was an interesting take on a classic. All switched up and didn't follow the normal story line. It was hard to understand some of the dialog. You had to really listen to figure out what was going on. It was alright but a little different. It wasn't my favorite.

Have you seen these movies? What did you think?


Small House said...'ve had so much going on since I stopped by last. A lot of emotions for you to wade through. I appreciate and respect your opinions. They were very beautifully put.

It's been a treat to quietly get to know a little bit about you. I can tell that you are with it chick! You have many, many qualities to be admired!
Have a great day.

Scrappy Girl said...

Eclipse was by far my fave of the movies so far!

We loved Shrek.

I have no desire to see Airbender or Robin Hood.

You MUST go see TOY STORY! We loved loved loved it. Grown Ups is good too...lots of laughs.


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