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Monday, July 26, 2010

Motivational Monday - "I Am A Parent"

Not always the kind I'd like to be, call me just a mere parent.

I think I'm normal.

I find myself wondering if my son or daughter will ever grow up and display good manners and be reasonable and so, I nag, I nudge, I needle:

You see, I don't want to over step his rights, nor neglect mine.

Therefore, I worry, I stew, I fret.

I watch the clock's creeping hands.

I cringe at the sound of an ambulance.

I smile and drop off to sleep when I hear the car door slam.

I worry about grades, and companions, and the cost of giving to my community a good citizen.

Life has taught me a number of lessons, lessons hard to learn.

That being a parent is a full-time job,

That little, neglected daily problems can become time bombs that someday will go off,

That tensions within a home are normal and will continue to exist just as long as parents love children, and children love freedom.

Sometimes, I'm soft, and sometimes, I can be downright severe,

I'm often confused.

But let someone tell me how I must run my home, and I rise up in a bristling independence,

No one has the right to hand me a list of inflexible do's and don'ts:

But, being a parent, I recognize, and respect the problems, in thousands of home like mine.

Yes, I'm a parent, I like the job, for I believe in young people, all of them,

my son, your son,

my daughter, your daughter,

I covet for them a pleasurable time of growing up.

I want all of them to enter adulthood, clean, good, honest and right on schedule.

Happy 26th Birthday to Jason! I love you and am proud to have been your mother!


Valerie said...

Happy birthday to him! You have always been so cute!

Garden of Egan said...

I love the post. Ya, you h;t it spot on. Never a break.
You are beautiful.
Happy Birthday Jason. Your mom ROCKS!

Cherie said...

Being a parent is the best thing in life!!

Happy Birthday to your son Jason!!

You are a great mom and it shows in your boys!!

P.S. Love the picture with Brady as a little guy - cute :D

Zoey said...

Happy Birthday Jason! Hope you had a wonderful celebration.


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