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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monkey Business

While Zoey Michelle and Brandon were visiting us, they found a really fun place called Monkey Business by the Boise Town Square Mall.
I was working and couldn't go with them, but Brady did. All the photos are from Zoey Michelle.
Doesn't this look like a ton of fun? They loved it!
Can you see Dawson (in the red shirt), our little monkey peeking out from his cage? 
There he is - a wild animal wanting a treat?
Dawson again.
He's having a great time bouncing around like a monkey.
Oh no!! Look at that fierce little girl.
It can only be our cute little Kate!
She is very brave to be climbing way up there.
They had a huge slide .... up, up, up you go to the top of the slide.
Hmmmmmm.... that is a long way down.
Look Brady joined us.
There goes Brady!
Look, no hands... I'm glad he was brave enough to join in the fun. Teenagers can be so boring. I'm glad he hasn't found that out yet. Life is much more fun when we play!
Whip down the slide - little Kate.
Wooo oooohh oh! I'm not sure what she thinks :-D  Maybe Weeeeeeee!
Here comes Faith.
Oh yeah! Faith liked that a lot!
But look, what do we see? A very SAD Dawson. Hmmmmmm....
Zoey Michelle had to climb up there to rescue her children.
It's OK, Mommy is here! He was scared - it is a long way down!
Yeah! Dawson did it... He is a brave boy!

They had lots of fun!

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Zoey said...

There's a new place opening next to Boondock's called Bounce Meridian. It looks like it would be a lot of fun as well!


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