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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lawrence and Mitch

This post will most likely be photos. I can't give a lot of detail because I wasn't there. I'll see if Jason and Sharon can add more detail later.
This is the invitation to the commitment ceremony. (which I swipped from Jason because they didn't send me one - pout!)
Mitch and Lawrence. It looks like a happy evening.
I always wonder why gay mean are beautiful - seriously?
A family picture:
Back row: Sharon, Jason, Lawrence, Mitch and Mitch's brother Jim.
Bottom, Larry's brother Jim and his Mom, Barb.
The ceremony was in Mitch's back yard. Mitch is very talented and spiritual. His landscaping was beautiful. He made lots of different room themes through out his back yard garden.
Sharon, Jason and Lawrence.
Jason and his Dad, Lawrence.
Jason and his new dad, Mitch. He said that to Mitch and he kind of look a little scared. Jason got a kick out of it. Mitch is very shy. Welcome to the family.
Mitch, Jim (J.D.), and Larry.

Quite the wild ride for me to share all of this and my feelings. I needed to add it to my history, as they are part of it.


Ann Marie said...

"Why are Gay men so beautiful?" So true.. So True..
Back in the day...I tried to stay clear of clubs where they had both "Gay and straight" people mixed. I never knew what guys I could check out!! lol!

I think the way you are approaching all of this is so wonderful. Your a good girl. :)

Zoey said...

Well, the pictures are beautiful and they look happy. Did Jason and Sharon have a good time?


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