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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jason and Sharon's Road Trip

On June 19th through June 27th Jason and Sharon left Boise and drove all the way to Las Vegas. I know!!!!! Totally CRAZY!

I tried to tell them to fly to Vegas and then rent a car, but he wanted to drive the whole way. They were on their way to Los Angeles to attend Jason's Dad's (Lawrence) wedding. 
We rented a car from Enterprise and this is the car they got with only 2000 miles on it. The sad problem about this car was that it DIDN"T HAVE CRUISE CONTROL -- so he had to push the pedal from Boise to Las Vegas and then to Los Angeles and home again. His leg and ankle didn't feel too good after that long long trip. We always need to remember to check for cruise control because I rented a car to drive to Pocatello and it didn't have it either - made me sooooo mad.
Unfortunately the drive from Boise to Las Vegas is desert and a very boring drive. I guess they found a weird tree/cactus to take a picture in front of.. Oh the beauty *wink.

I spy with my little eye...LAS VEGAS!!! They finally arrive in LAS VEGAS.. They were extremely excited to party and gamble..
The sites were beautiful as they arrived in VEGAS!! (baby)..
It's like being all over the world. (these are just a few of the site seeing pictures they took from a million scenery pictures)
Really it is beautiful. They checked in to their hotel and went to gamble and have a few drinks.
The went to Dicks to eat.
Yum.. they were excited!
They got their fun hats.
They are pretty cute. Unfortunately the buzz and excitement of being in Vegas didn't last more then a night. They felt the food was WAY OVER PRICED and totally not worth it.
They were disappointed that they slot machines didn't give out money - just credits. Plus, they felt that it basically just took their money. It wasn't fun at all.. 

Jason said on Facebook: So Dicks wasn't that good... Kinda disappointed with "this" Vegas experience... No more pay outs in change when you play the slots, no payouts period! and they don't except coins!... I had a funner time last time at the Stardust... AND $10 for a glass of bud light, a domestic beer, not even a micro brew! SAD!

The whole Vegas experience lasted only one night - then they were out of there. I don't think they will ever go back... :-(

Off they went to Los Angeles - and then to San Diego to see Sharon's sister and nieces.
Sharon said that they had a great day showing Jason where she was born and raised for the most part. they had a great time seeing Isabelle (the baby) for the first time. She and Elena (older niece) are so precious. They had dinner with Katie (her sister) and James, great fun!
Look at Jason and Isabelle --- warms my heart. I can't wait until they have a little one of their very own and I can be a grandma!! :-D
Elena was afraid the walk over the bridge - afraid of the cracks in the planks.
Elena (Vampire Diaries)
Isabelle (Bella) from Twilight...
To funny.. I don't think she named Elena after Vampire Diaries but she did name Isabelle from Twilight.. Cute and super darling children.

Jason said that apparently Google maps and Long Beach directions do NOT go hand in hand... Ended up in San Pedro again... But, we made it home in 1 piece. At one time they ended up in the middle of a bridge for their location too.
Jason said on FB: So Las Vegas wasn't that fun, but Long Beach has been a blast! Excited for this week!

Jason and Sharon had a great vacation AFTER they left Vegas that is :-D. Sharon said on Facebook on June 25th that they had a romantic evening on the beach with Jason watching the moon dance across the ocean and the waves roll in :)  Aaaah they are sooo cute!
This is Larry (Jason's Dad who goes by Lawrence now) Jason and Uncle Jim (or JD) - Larry's brother.  I'll have to write more about the wedding and the trip to see his dad in another blog. More to come.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car said...

Sorry to hear that Jason and Sharon's rental car didn't have cruise control. We are unable to guarantee this accessory in all of our vehicles but understand how helpful it is when driving long distance.

- Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car


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