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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Updates, with a can of black spray paint

Day after day I see all the wonderful creations bloggers come up with. I am inspired all the time on how they refinish things, change an item from the trash, thrift store, or dollar store into a treasure. It is amazing and had me thinking what I could do in my own home.

I have been updating for a while now, with new furniture and paint on my frugal budget. It's been fun to see what I have done for not too much money. One of the big things that I have done is minimize the amount of foo - foo stuff from home interiors on my walls. Like the shelves, candle holders and flowers are gone and only a picture remains. It has made a world of difference in updating.

I decided I would get a can of flat black spray paint and repaint some picture frames.
It was a lot of fun, easy and now everything looks new.

These frames were just wood. I completely forgot to do a before and after pictures. These frames were free with a photo package from Kmart when Jason was a toddler - 20+ years ago. They are 10 x 14 and were great to put in LDS pictures from the distribution center and cheaper too. Now they are black and look updated and new. They hang in the hall way.
I also had some dollar store frames with the Proclamation to the Family and baby pictures of us. They didn't match and were "alright".
Now that they are all black they look more expensive and have a unity in color. Plus, it gives a clean and crisp look. Loving it! I was excited how everything was turning out that I wanted to do more. My brother and wife spray painted their lamps black when they repainted - and I thought I would too.
It looks great and I love all the black tying in together in the living room.

I also painted my bathroom from a faux painting to the color in my living room. It looks very rich. I also minimized the decoration. This clock was in the hallway and I decided to put it in my bathroom on the wall that had a shelf with tea towels on it.
I've been wanting to get vinyl on the walls too. Here was my first try - it is hard to see in the picture. It says: "We do not remember days, only Moments".

Yeah!!!! I have vinyl on the wall.
I also have this in the kitchen by the breakfast bar. I was hoping it would give me inspiration each morning to live my life as large and happy as I possible :-D.
I also put and "Enjoy the Journey" by my temple in the living room.

I still want to get "Return with Honor" over my front door and "Families are Forever" over the family pictures in the hallway. Oh and "Come what may, and love it" above my cabinet in the kitchen. (Robyn - I need to get with you and place an order)

It is refreshing and fun to update here and there. I am loving the updates. There is still more I'd like to re-do as I can afford them - or when I have energy to paint. I really don't like painting at all - but I always love the results.

I'm off to find something more to spray paint... It's fun!


Valerie said...

I love all the little touches! Everything looks fabulous. I needed a little inspiration to get my tail in gear!!! :)

Ann Marie said...

Way to be thrifty!!!

All I seem to be doing.. is painting! ha-ha.. but.. mostly white! :)

There is something rewarding when you do things yourself.. and inexpensively! ;)

Have fun creating!!

Zoey said...

Ahhh, spray paint. Tracy says that it's a girl's best friend. Everything looks great! I am getting ready to do a vinyl order next week, so we need to get you in on it too!

Valerie said...

It all looks nice! How fun for you to accomplish so much.


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