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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Faith and Dawson

During the visit from Zoey Michelle, Brandon, Faith, Dawson and Kate we had to get creative on where everyone would sleep in my small house.

We gave Zoey, Brandon and Kate - Brady's bedroom. Then we put Brady on a air mattress in the craft room which also doubled as a playroom. We pulled out all Jason and Brady's old toys and Lego's for them to play with. I haven't saved too many - just the good ones. It's nice to have a couple of totes full of toys and available to pull out when children come to visit our house.

For Faith and Dawson's sleeping arrangements, we were going to have them sleep in sleeping bags in the living room. But they asked if they could sleep in the recliners instead.
Such silly kids to feel comfortable sleeping in chairs all night. They loved it and watched movies to fall asleep.

Faith ready for bed.
Dawson is such a tease - he didn't want his picture taken.  ha ha!
There is that cute little boy with a rare smile.. Dawson is hard to get to smile for you.. He never wants to cooperate - silly boy.

They loved sleeping there all night and woke up happy. Oh, to be a kid again.


Scrappy Girl said...

Hello from the beach! I am old...I wouldn't be able to get up from those chairs in the

Zoey said...

Yes, they can sleep anywhere!


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