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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today is FINALLY the last day of school


Today is the last day of school for Brady! Due to budget problems, our school district is letting out for summer 1 day early. The last day was suppose to be June 9th... But now SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER on June 8th.

These last 2 days have been 1/2 days full of finals. I think it's strange that they just didn't have the finals last Friday and forgo these last two half days. Boise school districts last day was Friday - but ours had to have 2 more days. WEIRD!

Yesterday Brady went to school for only 1 class because Seminary was cancelled - due to scheduling / in-service conflicts. That meant that Brady only had one final yesterday.

While I was driving home from work, I checked my cell phone and there was a message that Brady was going to lunch at Subway with his friends and would be home late. I'm excited that he went with his friends to lunch. I can see him getting older and moving on to a "Junior" in High School. I'm excited as he grows up.

This week is filled with lots of fun for Brady.

Today he has been invited to a birthday party. They are going to Eagle Island to go swimming and then watch movies. It's suppose to be the only sunny day this week - so a great day to go swimming!

Tomorrow his group of friends are going to a cabin in Robie Creek near Lucky Peak. Her  parents and grandparents will be there as chaperones for an overnight party. The boys will be in one room and the girls in another. Amber's Dad is a teacher at Meridian High School - and I am confident - due to the great kids they are - that this will be a good / clean party. 

They will be riding 4-wheelers, having a campfire, riding horses, chilling in the hot tube and having lots of fun to kick start their summer vacation. It sounds like a bunch of fun!

Friday is Brady's spring/summer piano recital. I always love watching all the boys and girls show off their talents. Brady who is almost 16 will be playing a duet with one of my Primary children Kaelyn who is 7. I'm sure Kaelyn will love this experience playing with an older cute boy. . I can't wait to watch them... Lots of fun!

I'm excited for summer (If the weather cooperates anytime soon)! I'm happy to be able to sleep in for an extra hour or so. AND not having to make a sack lunch for Brady each day (He doesn't like hot lunch).

I'm especially thankful for the GREAT Sophomore year Brady had.. He has had straight "A's" all year - which he will hopefully retain through finals today. It's been a good year for him. He sure is growing up to be a fine young man!


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...


gigi said...

Yay! Bring on summer!!!!

Garden of Egan said...

Brady rocks!!!!
It's great to have fun kids like that that you can enjoy and not worry about.

Sounds like he knows where he's headed.

Rhonda said...

Great way to kick off the summer. We are having the same rainy weather and I am beyond sick of it.
Our kids got out the Fri. before Memorial Day. They have never been out that early but because of budget cuts they let them go a week early. It really makes me mad they have finals last 2 days of school. Autumn had that also.
He's going to be 16 in a few months make him DRIVE... he is so handsome the girls are going to want to date him ;0)


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